1. B

    Nice Deal on SDS200: $594.99 shipped at Main Trading Co.

    Main Trading Co. in Paris, Texas is having a sale on most of their merchandise this weekend. The Uniden SDS200 is $594.99 (have to put one in your cart to see this price) with free shipping and no sales tax to purchasers outside Texas. I have previously purchased a new SDS100 from them on a...
  2. M

    2016 BuTel Black Friday Sale - All ARC software packages are 50% off

    BuTel Famous Black Friday crazy sales is back! The Dutchman is going crazy again! All ARC software packages are 50% off this black friday! Correct price will be shown at check out. No extra discounts All software sales are final, strictly no refunds ! The older Black...
  3. D

    AWIN Portables

    Does anyone know where I can purchase about 5 Portable AWIN radios. SPECS: Must have a display. Must have 48 or more channel capability. Must be 700/800Mhz capable. Analog/P25 Digital/SmartZone capable. H-38, SmartZone Systems Operation Q308, Astro Digital Operation Q173, SmartZone Omnilink...
  4. J

    RadioShack PRO 651 $201

    Just wanted to share, I just purchased a PRO 651 from for $201.69 which seems to be a great deal. I also used coupon code blinqfirst115 and got an additional 10% off. My total was 181.52 with free shipping. Thought you guys might want to grab one while they last
  5. S

    Selling my other Radio

    So I'm selling my tk-3180k on ebay if anyone is interested. 2 days left. I have a bill I have to pay immediately. thanks for looking.. Kenwood TK3180K 5W UHF 450 520Mhz 512CH 128ZONES Portable Transceiver Fleetsync | eBay
  6. S

    tk-3180 k3 questions, need help?

    ok, so now i'm looking for a program cable and software. correct me if i'm wrong i think i need the kpg-36um cable for 64bit system, and i've looked and all i find is kpg-36 or kpg-36u (are these the same cables?) some have USB ( : SECUDA High Quality USB Programming*Cable For...
  7. M

    2013 Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    [Quick Price List] ARC PATROL = $14.95 - (regular price $29.95) ARC-XT BASIC = $19.99 - (regular price $39.95) ARC-XT PRO = $34.95 - (regular price $69.95) * ARC246 for BC246T = $19.99 (regular price $39.95) ARC-500 software = $19.99 (basic) (regular price $39.95) ARC-500 software = $34.95...
  8. GTR8000

    Butel Software 50% off Black Friday sale

    Butel Software $35 for ARC-XT PRO, that's $5 less than the regular $40 cost of the basic version. :D
  9. J

    PRO-107 refurb $130 new on sale $170

    PRO-107 refurb $130, new on sale $170 (expires 3/12/11) Refurb product #20-052 New on Sale product #20-107 I am sure someone would find these prices if they were looking, but thought they might be low enough to make an "impulse" purchase if one wasn't actively considering the 107. The last two...
  10. del1964

    BCD396T for sale on Ebay

    Looking to upgrade. Scanner is currently programmed with almost all of South Eastern Indiana conventional and SAFET systems. Predominately Seymour and Columbus area. Will program scanner for buyers area for free. ITEM #180458871881
  11. N

    PSR-500 for sale

    I just listed my PSR500 scanner on eBay, condition is like new and includes all accessories, box, etc. Ebay item number is 280420925977 Neil Bell
  12. JulietAlphaKilo

    Radio Shack Father's Day Sale???

    I was e-mailed, and noticed in my regular mail as well, the beginning of ads promoting the "Father's Day Sales" which have been synonymous with Radio Shack for as long as I can remember. Now, Father's Day is obviously a couple of weeks yet ahead, but I noticed sales prices on the Pro-164 for...
  13. 4phun

    PRO 96 and BC396T for sale this weekend $495

    I have two digital scanners I am selling as a package this weekend. The price is $495 for both. A new BC396T runs around $500 by itself. The PRO 96 digital scanner is from 2005 and used to be my favorite scanner because of its ease of use and loud volume. The PRO 96 comes with nothing extra and...