san diego

  1. B

    Northcomm Patch

    Hey all, I haven't heard anything over the northcomm patch frequency and was wondering if anyone had any history or further information on when this patch may have been or is used? Frequency License Type Tone Alpha Tag Description Mode Tag 151.040 RM 136.5 PL Northcomm Patch Northcomm...
  2. Y

    BK Technologies P800 NAS not working on one local system, but works on another

    Hey all, I'm looking for some help troubleshooting the programming of my P800 NAS. I've used it effectively on the San Diego County RCS Trunking system for a few years now, but I cannot get it to work for the SD City 700Mhz P25 Phase 1 system. I've watched the BK Technologies video multiple...
  3. D

    TRX-1: Another TRX-1 programing question

    I just got a TRX-1 about a week and a half ago and cant figure out how to program it the way I would like. Is there a way to program each scanlist as a bank like in the older scanners? (RS Pro 106). I would like to have one scanlist as a roaming style and have one scanlist separate for each...
  4. I

    Imperial Beach FD Dispatch On??

    As far as I known Imperial Beach FD has been dispatched from Heartland Fire via RCS. I was recently informed that is no longer the case?? I don't follow FD as much as I do LE. But I would like to be able to if need be. I found a document from the city...
  5. KK6JYX

    FNG with novice Q's

    I guess I'm the newest guy here. Other than getting my CM (PG00019763) back in 06 for work, I have little knowledge involving civilian radio communication. I have several questions so I guess I'll explain what I want to do first. I live in San Diego and frequently go out to our local deserts in...
  6. n6766j

    National City FD Dispatch

    Beginning this morning at 0800, San Diego Fire Rescue Communications Center began dispatching for the National City Fire Department. Using the SD County RCS, National City units have moved from primary fire dispatch and fireground communications on Zone 3 to Zone 6, joining Chula Vista Fire and...
  7. scanfan22

    San Diego Fire Freq Questions

    Okay, Let's see if I can make this one understandable, but I don't know if I can. Let's see how I do. First of all, I'm based in Los Angeles, but listen to San Diego on audio streams. I was looking at the live audio and it looks like there are some channels that are missing. For example...
  8. S

    GMRS Repeaters

    Hey guys, i recently got my gmrs licenese so i could use my bubblepack moto's, and i was wondering if anyone knows of any open gmrs repeaters that work in sd county. The radios that i got were about a hundred bucks, so they included a feature that offsets channels 15-22 for repeater use. I...
  9. D

    PRO-95 Progamming Help - San Diego County South

    Hello all, I'm not exactly a newbie, but I'm not an expert yet with my scanner either. I have a RS PRO-95 and usually program with WIN95. I've successfully programmed trunked frequencies in the past and I'm trying to program the frequencies for San Diedo county South Zone using the following...
  10. S

    Miramar Air Show OCT 2,3,4-- SD,CALIF INFO

    From the air show site 8-4-2009: Are FRS/GMRS radios allowed? FRS/GMRS radios are permitted. VHF band and other scanners are also permitted, but transmitters/transceivers are not.
  11. R

    Frequencies, santee, san diego

    First scanner, anyone know any frequencies in santee, san dieog, el cajon, help please