1. S

    Getting started in Saskatchewan

    Hi there! I'm new to the world of radios and scanners. I recently moved to a rural part of Saskatchewan and I'm looking to learn more about using a radio/scanner for entertainment/information purposes. I don't plan on talking, just listening a lot. What would be a decent and affordable start up...
  2. A

    Scanner for Moose Jaw, SK?

    Hello, Very new here. Can anyone tell me which type of scanner will work in order to be able to listen to the Moose Jaw Police Service? Any recommendations for a good scanner? Thanks so much!
  3. A

    Scanner for Moose Jaw, Sk?

    I am completely new at this and wondering if anyone can tell me which type of scanner to get in order to be able to listen to the police in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan? Thanks so much!
  4. PuPP

    Estevan frequencies

    I am looking for any frequencies in Estevan Sask. especially the emergency frequencies. only frequency I find is city police on 854.9375. I thought all police fire and ems went to p25. If someone has a saskatchewan p25 file for a bc996xt would be much appreciated
  5. G

    Best Fire and EMS Scanner for Regina, SK

    Hi Everyone, New here so please excuse any silly mistakes on my part. I work for Global News in Regina and we are looking at expanding our scanner capabilities. I'm looking at buying a portable scanner that we can listen to fire and Ems on. May also buy a base scanner for the same purposes...