1. K

    SDS100: 'Lost' DMR Key, Praise for ScannerMaster

    I bought an SDS100 from ScannerMaster about 2 years ago. I had the DMR key included (I believe it was discounted at time of purchase). Last year, just under one year into the warranty, my wife started her car while the scanner was plugged into the car for power. It shut down and would not power...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    Mobile Antenna ScannerMaster

    I am looking to buy a mobile antenna from scanner master for my sds100, and most of my area has VHF and low band UHF. and It seems...
  3. J

    HP-2: Windows Sentinel Software

    I am having trouble getting my Home Patrol 2 Scanner to update using the Sentinel software. When I try to update everything, I get the error message " Updating HP failed. Operation is canceled. The operation has timed out. I have tried to email scanner master, and they told me that I need to...
  4. F

    Scanner Master

    Anyone else tried to contact Scanner Master by email and never get any response? Not great customer service i believe
  5. S

    DMR and ProVoice DYI Firmware Upgrade Cost

    Can anyone tell me the exact current cost to do each of these firmware upgrades on brand new units out of the box at home? Want to compare how much Scanner Master and ZipScanner are charging for these compared to how much they truly are if one does them themselves at home? This is for either...
  6. G

    New 536hp no micro sd card

    So my new 536hp shows up today and it didn't have a card in the unit or the box anyone else have this happen?
  7. SigIntel8600

    Scanner Master?

    What up with Scanner Master. I ordered a scanner yesterday. Followed up with e-mail today asking about a shipping date. No response........ Nothing, nada, zip. I am kicking myself for not ordering through HRO. Do I have a reason to be concerned?
  8. proudpoppy

    Scannermaster Warning

    I bought a Pro-106 scanner from them on July 2, it took 10-days to arrive, then to my surprise it turned out to be a pro-164, when I contacted scannermaster they told me that they had little they could do, they only take the orders, someone at radioshack messed up, they called them and a pro-106...
  9. R


    Hamvention a week away. Can't wait to get there. Hope a lot of you are going. I just talked to a sales rep from Scanner Master. He said they wouldn't be at Hamvention. Bummer!
  10. blantonl and Scanner Master Corp. Renew and Extend their Partnership and Scanner Master Corp. Renew and Extend their Partnership, the Web's premier resource for radio communications information, and Scanner Master, the nation's oldest and largest Scanner-only dealer, today announced the renewal and extension of their...