1. S

    Angeles Crest/Mount Wilson: No radio signal

    Hello everyone! I took a drive the other day up Angeles Crest Highway and looped back up all the way to the Mount Wilson "antenna farm." I enjoy driving up to these antennas. Very quiet except for the hum of random machines and fans keeping the antennas alive. Anyway, I usually listen to CHP...
  2. XBrandonEdwardX

    Amateur Radio in Niagara Region: New MotoTRBO CAP+ System

    Hey Everyone, I see that there's a lot of people posting pick-ups from their scanners of new/unidentified CAP+ systems in the Niagara Falls area. Though I know most of you are probably scanning for commercial purposes, I would like to let you all know that I myself and 4 other people are in the...
  3. J

    New To Scanning, What Scanner Do You Recommend?

    Hi, I'm new to scanners and I'm just starting out for the first time. I'm looking for hand held radio that scans fire/ems/police traffic and that is compatible with those areas/links down below. Which scanners would be good for an ammeter and that isn't extremely expensive. If you mind listing...
  4. A

    Ways to boost reception/range when scanning Airband and MilAir

    I'm looking for ways to boost my scanner's reception/range when scanning the Aviation and MilAir bands. It uses an SMA-F connector. More specifically, I'm looking for a way to listen to the military aircraft refueling at AR-206 (I live under the entrance of it). Any and all help would be...
  5. TandemH

    Motorola P25

    Can I program a Motorola p25 radio such the sts2500 or xtl2500 to just listen and be like a scanner on a system like North Carolina’s VIPER system
  6. P

    885 database question

    I just recently purchased the 885 and so far I’m very pleased with it. The question I have is currently I am sitting in Wilmington, Illinois which is District 5 for ISP. I’m watching and listening to it on the scanner app on phone, but not hearing anything except occasional fire on the 885. ?? I...
  7. Salvatorejrc


    I'm surprised no one has asked this yet, so I guess I am the first. Does anyone know if scanners produce harmful radiation if you're around them a lot?
  8. J

    HT 1250 scanning questions

    I have a few questions about scanning on the HT 1250. As most of you probably know, there are eight zones you can have with up to 16 channels per zone. I have three zones: Police, Fire, EMS, and three scan lists in CPS for each of those zones. Say If I wanted to scan all the police channels and...
  9. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100 battery issue

    I bought an sds100 about a week ago and I love it but I think it may have a battery problem. I get about an hour, not even like 45 minutes just on the battery itself and it doesn't matter what I'm scanning, while the big battery is boasted to last around 6 hours. I fully charged it to see if...
  10. Salvatorejrc

    Antenna Strength

    This is probably an obvious to most that are experienced with scanning, but will a mobile/portable antenna that is designed for a specific band ALWAYS perform better in that band than one that is designed for multiple/all bands?
  11. Salvatorejrc

    Scanner Traffic Issues

    If you are running a certain favorites list on an SDS100, or probably any scanner for that matter, in which it contains many many frequencies to be scanned at the same time, will it have more trouble picking up frequencies in that aspect as opposed to if you had a smaller favorites list? I was...
  12. Salvatorejrc

    Books & learning materials for beginners

    Hello, I am new to the hobby of HAM & scanning in general. I have just purchased a uniden sds100, but I am not too familiar with the science behind radio communications. Besides the AARL handbook, what are some books that can help me to learn the hobby itself including the technical aspect of...
  13. E

    Scan P25 on Uniden SDS100

    I just recently purchased a Uniden SDS100. I have added custom scan lists on P25 and analog channels. My problem is there is 50+ sites for the local statewide P25 system. I currently have a local scan list with just the tower thats in my county but whenever I am traveling I have to re-enable the...
  14. Edelweiss

    Creepy moments on the radio.... at night!

    I have been listening to radio for decades and came across this very odd transmission one night which I could not make sense of. It happened as follows: It's not Halloween yet but I was scanning through military ATC channels in the south of Britain one night at approx. 8.30 pm local time this...
  15. D

    Loud & Clear DMR in Western Mass

    Does anyone know who is on or around 152.970Mhz? I’ve only heard bits and pieces of what sounds like a talk group used for education communications. Makes me believe it’s is part of a trunk system. The signal is clear in the Berkshire County area as well as into Springfield if I remember correctly
  16. T

    WS1065: Help getting scanner to pick up

    Used the computer cable to import my scan lists to radio but it just scans and don't pick up anything. Help!
  17. w2xq

    32nd Winter SWL Fest Feb 28-Mar 2, near Philadelphia

    "The Winter SWL Fest is a conference of radio hobbyists of all stripes, from DC to daylight. Every year scores of hobbyists descend on the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania suburbs for a weekend of camaraderie. The Fest is sponsored by NASWA, the North American Shortwave Association, but it covers much...
  18. norvia

    Problem with ProScan

    11/7/2018 12:34:39 PM Hi I’m new to the forums, glad you’re all here, so my question is.. I have a Uniden BCD325P2 and mainly use ProScan to program it, for the last couple of month or so.. Just recently I’m having a problem I can not figure out. When the scanner is connected with ProScan...
  19. S

    How to get the best result from a new receiver

    I'm In Canberra and have a AOR AR-DV1 with the latest firmware update, connected to an AOR SA7000 antenna. I also have a discone antenna. Both are above my roofline. What should I be trying to listen to and at what times? I don't have a listening preference. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks!
  20. E

    West Linn Police!

    For a while now, I have been trying to listen to the dispatch chatter of my local police department which is West Linn. I had been listening to the Clackamas County Law Enforcement scanner on Broadcastify and 155.430/155.190 on my Baofeng Uv-5ra and thought that I was in the right place until I...