school bus

  1. radioguy224

    school transportation radio frequencies

    the following list below i am looking for the school transportation frequencies so i can update the database looking for the frequencies and pl and DPL and NAC and DMR tones NEWTOWN BRIDGEWATER MONROE WASHINGTION WOODBURY kent
  2. M

    Alpine School District Bus Frequencies

    I am new to this forum so forgive me if this has been posted in the past. My search did not reveal what I'm looking for. I am a new school bus driver for Alpine School District and would like to monitor the frequencies for the driver to dispatch. I know they use two different channels, one for...
  3. Z

    Riteway School Bus radios

    Does anyone know the frequencies for the Riteway Bus Company's school buses in Oak Creek. I Checked the FCC license database but couldn't find any information. There is always interesting & funny things being said on their radios