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    More Video Guides to SDRplay RSPs

    The latest edition of TX Factor is an "SDR special" - it includes an intro into setting up an RTL-SDR dongle and shows the RSP2 and RSP1A in action at recent UK events - you can view it on The latest version of SDRuno now has preset ham band buttons to "auto-range"...
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    SDR-Console support for SDRplay RSP1 and now RSP2

    SDR-Console Preview V3 Version 5 was released today and provides full support for the SDRplay RSP1 and the new features included in the RSP2. It makes use of the very latest SDRplay API and can be downloaded from V3 Preview Downloads Many thanks to Simon Brown for this superb effort
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    Sdr-Console over Vpn

    Hi, everybody. It is my first report devoted to testing of Vpn Over Third Party Internet of providers in Moscow. Structure of the equipment is as follows: Vpn Server with real internet IP address (SoftEther system) and the laptop with client part of softether. On the laptop server of SdrConsole...