sdr newbie

  1. D

    looking into starting a new feed For (OPP) SDR x2

    Hello i'll start by just say i love radio and any thing that has flashing lights :P . im just getting into the idea for ham and emergence radio operation (police/fire/ems) . i got my SDR's about a year ago and its been a blast i spend a few hours a week just searching around the air ways to see...
  2. M

    What trunking control channel should I use?

    Hello, I’m trying to setup two SDR’s to receive Ohio Mark-IP system in Aurora, OH. Can someone tell me what trucking control channel I should be using? I don't see it listed here - Thanks
  3. graywoulf

    New to the SDR scene and need advice please.

    I am looking to get into the SDR scene and I am not able to spend a lot of money to get started. I am looking at two of the NESDR dongles but I am not familiar enough with the frequency ranges that they offer to make an informed decision yet and I would appreciate some insight to help me decide...