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  1. A

    Issues Tetra decoder Please Help!!

    Good Day People I have many signal in my country for Tetra , and when i want to try decoding TETRA And i using OpenEar 1.7.0 & and TETRA_Demodulator in SdrSharp but the issue when i try to listing it's coming ( voice encrypted ) Can anyone Help me Please !! this is what happening with me
  2. 8

    Second Airspy failure

    I am going to write this post with the hopes that the other users of failed Airspys who come across this post through google search results can be able to breath a sign of relief knowing that they are not the only ones who wasted their money. A few years ago I made the mistake of purchasing my...
  3. P

    Hillsborough County EDACS info

    Hello, new here and trying to learn. I was looking to use the control channel for the HCSO and the HCFD but when I got to the page for the info on them ... ...... the System Frequencies have NO .......... Red (c) are primary control...
  4. H

    SDR# TSSDR TetraNetMonitor - multiple tuners

    TSSDR introduce a new type TetraNetMonitor, working with 1x or multiple independent tuners. All tuners is possible monitor different BS in same time and using 1x RTL-SDR or use 2x RTL-SDR hardware. Tested this for some weeks, seem work stable. Please Read instructions inside the zip TetraNetMon
  5. J

    DSD Plus can't quite get there

    OK, I made a similar post to this which got deleted (I have no idea why, there was nothing wrong with it) .. but I will try this again. I am very close to getting DSD Plus in combination with SDR Sharp to work to decode P25. I see the signal spikes, the color bars of the signal etc. ... but...
  6. J

    DSD Plus ... I'm lost

    Some DSD plus guidance needed Looking for some DSD plus guidance, I will try to be as clear and concise as possible. 1. I downloaded SDR Sharp, seems to work OK as far as I can tell. 2. Following the RTL guide, I downloaded DSD Plus and DSD Plus PLL zip files. I downloaded them to my...
  7. rfsparkz

    sdrsharp settings

    I am using sdrshap with the nooelec r820t sdr mini 2 usb dongle. I am trying to get the settings right to listen to 141.555 nfm in Ontario near barrie which is fleetnet zone 1. There are some ems comms that are not scrambled by p25. Is there anyone else out there in listening range that could...
  8. A

    I need some software

    Hey, Does anybody have some SDR software for Windows that has become very rare. The site that it comes from has been removed from the web and I am unsure how to get it. The software in question is ADSB Sharp and if anyone has an install file or knows where to get the software that would be very...
  9. A

    SDR# & clackamas Fire

    I am hoping that someone will respond with a reason why I can not pickup any of the clackamas fire feeds. I am using the RLT NooElec dongle with SDR Sharp. I can see the radio frequencies in the bottom graph but cannot hear anything. I also can get a strong FM signal. Any help appreciated if...
  10. del1964

    Just captured SICH-1M ???

    Captured a very long audio file and ran it through WXtoIMG and it showed a snowy black non-image and it displayed "SICH1M at 2015-2-11 22:01UTC". Thought I was going to capture something from ISS because it as flying directly overhead at the same time but?????? Newb to all this so don't know...
  11. del1964

    SDR Sharp P25 Decoding

    SDR Sharp P25 Decoding Plug In
  12. K

    SDR# recorded IQ.wav to Gnu Radio

    Hello, I have recorded with sdr# some IQ.wav files from my FunCube Dongle pro+. Is it possible to import them directly in Gnu Radio? I tried to import them as File sources in Gnu Radio, but I cannot see the signal spectrum in FFT sinc. Do you know how can I process IQ.wav files in Gnu Radio...
  13. L

    RTL-SDR / SDR Sharp - AM blasts over SSB

    Hi Forum Geniuses, I'm hoping you can point me in the right direction, If recently got a RTL-SDR USB and I'm using SDR Sharp with it. I'm using it with a range of antenna's ... Homebrew Carolina Windom 80 at 20m, 10m/11m bobtail curtain at 10m and a tunable 2m dipole at roof height. I've...
  14. AB5ID

    Need help with SDR sharp and autotune

    I have been using the version of SDR sharp from here: I see the nightly releases of SDR Sharp do not include the auto-tune feature. Is there a way to add auto-tune to the nightly releases of SDR#? Many Thanks, Steve AB5ID
  15. S

    How do you decode digital signals?

    Ok I've got a rtlsdr dongle and sdr sharp running and I can pick up loads of signals but the only ones I can hear in the clear are conventional radio stations. There seems to be a lot of digital stations but sdr sharp doesn't seem to decode them, any ideas would be appreciated???