1. LEH

    SDS100: Service types and SDS100 using GPS

    I'm no novice to scanning, going from crystal, to early (BC100) programmable, to Uniden's digital models. One thing I had not messed with previously is the GPS feature on some of the newer scanners. I bought the 4800 baud GPS puck (fewer wires to mess with) for my SDS100 and it works really...
  2. rvacs

    Nothing to Scan - Quick Keys - Service Types Sentinel SDS

    Hello All, I decided to expand my SDS models to add DMR and NXDN and bought the upgrades. So in Sentinel. I added a Favorites List: DMR (assigned Quick Key 2) under that Department (are my calling this correct?): Hard Rock Casino (assigned Quick Key 0) under that Departments: Casino (Quick Key...
  3. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Let's See Your Boot Opening Screens + (Tutorial)

    There's an awesome topic on color schemes. So I figured I would create one for boot opening screens. To Change Opening Graphic Boot Screen For The SDSX00 Scanners Can be a any color image but changed to... * SDS100 the Image must be 240 x 320 Must be a 24 bit bitmap * SDS200 the Image must...
  4. rvacs

    Sentinel: Sentinel - Quick Keys - SDS - Understanding etc.

    Hello All, So I have 2 - P25 Systems in my area. Problem I am having is that I cannot toggle on and off one of the systems. (Through Quick Key Use on scanner) - can you help? In Sentinel: System 1 Tulsa_OkWin_P25 - Monitor On Download On Quick Key 0 System 2 BA_Comm_Reg - Monitor Off Download...
  5. For Sale:  SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades  (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN)

    For Sale: SDS200 With ALL The Upgrades (DMR/MotoTRBO, PROVOICE, NXDN) Works great, looks new. Newest firmware and newest database update. I am only selling it, because of the holidays coming up and need some extra money. It is currently programmed for my area. I am only asking $675 for...
  6. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Unit ID's

    I wasn't able to find a definitive answer. So I am going to ask. If there's any links to this, please post below. I have a question about inputting Unit ID's into the SDS200. I know most of you are going to automatically send the easy to read manual, lol That is not the question, lol...
  7. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Custom Display Objects on The Screen

    I was looking at the screen display color options post, and then this idea popped in my head. On the SDS200, you can also customize what objects can be shown on the display (Unit ID, Site ID, TGID, WACN, etc...) Question: Which objects are the most useful to have on the display, and why do you...
  8. WX9RLT

    SDS200: Using Close Call, How Do I lockout 162.0-163.0 range?

    Using Close Call, How Do I lockout 162.0-163.0 range? It is picking up the WX station band, and I have no idea how to avoid them during a close call search, without locking out the whole band. There any way I can just skip that freq range, while doing a close call search?
  9. KI5UFO

    WTT Uniden SDS200

    Good morning I just recently purchased a new car and don't particularly feel like drilling holes to get my 200 mounted so I'm looking to trade it for a SDS100 so mobile mounting won't be as tedious or damaging. It has the DMR, NXDN, and ProVoice paid upgrades and looking for a handheld with the...
  10. Dewey

    Firmware Update Feature Request

    I apologize if this has already been mentioned and I somehow missed it. I have a feature request that may (or may not) be able to be added to a future SDS firmware update. I have noticed when using the Analyze feature (SDS100), that the screen timeout will kick-in (if programmed), and the...
  11. WX9RLT

    SDS200: DMR Help

    Hi, I tried searching the forums, and didn't find what I was searching for. I apologize if it is already posted. If so, please post the links! I just upgraded my SDS200 with the DMR upgrade. I programmed a freq. in that I know is DMR, but it is not decoding it. What am I missing? There a...
  12. AK4FD

    [WANTED] Uniden SDS100 Handheld

    I am wanting to buy an SDS100 Uniden handheld scanner. Please let me know your price, what accessories it comes with, and photos are a must! Due to past scamming incidents please have your RR username written somewhere in the photo like on a piece of paper or something next to the device...
  13. ll35689k

    ISO Uniden SDS100 Battery

    I am looking to purchase a Uniden SDS100 slim regular size battery and battery cover.
  14. E

    Scan P25 on Uniden SDS100

    I just recently purchased a Uniden SDS100. I have added custom scan lists on P25 and analog channels. My problem is there is 50+ sites for the local statewide P25 system. I currently have a local scan list with just the tower thats in my county but whenever I am traveling I have to re-enable the...
  15. R

    Monroe/Ontario P25 System

    Has anyone had any success using either the Uniden 996P2 or 325P2 on this system? I have a lot of trouble with decoding due to the simulcast and am wondering if anyone has found settings that work well before I spend big bucks on an SDS scanner. Thanks in advance!
  16. W

    SDS200 Not staying on Control Channel

    I am having a problem with the 200 where it will not stay locked on the control channel of a trunked system (OKWIN). I have the system locked on 1 site and there is only 1 control channel listed in the frequency table of the site. The RSSI indicator show receiving for about .5 sec and then...
  17. NYR1122

    Uniden SDS200 Memory Loss

    Hello All, Needless to say I was very excited about getting this new scanner, however it didn't take long to find major problems with it. I first noticed after setting the time/date that after powering it off/on it would reset to Jan. 1 0:00 every time. Then I found that when pressing the...
  18. del1964

    SDS100: SDS-100 LCN Finder procedure to store/view found LCN's

    I'm looking for what the next step is after you've ran LCN Finder for a while and have found a few (in my case 4 out of 14)? I tried hitting the E button, tried hitting the menu button on the side and tried hitting "to scan" and then I lost apparently everything. So, what exactly is the...