service manual

  1. BlueDevil

    PM1500 Blowing Fuses

    I have a Motorola PM1500 that is blowing the inline power fuse every time the power is connected to the radio. This started occurring after the truck that the radio is in was jump started. I am thinking that something was damaged within the radio causing the positive connection to go to ground...
  2. F

    Bendix/King KX-99 Service Manual

    I Recently purchased a used KX-99 and needed to give it a once-over and couldn’t find the service manual until I came across this gem in the wild. If anyone needs it, here you go. Couldn’t upload the file directly since it was too big. Download
  3. D

    Desperately seeking circuit diagram, parts of Grundig Satellit 750

    Where can i find replacement potentiometers (value unknown) for the Squelch, RF gain and the SB BFO controls? The radio is a Eton Grundig Satellit 750 which is the same as Tecsun 2000. Anyone with the schematic diagram please tell me the values. Thank you so much !
  4. K

    Yaesu FT-3000m service manual

    I need a service manual/technical bulletin for a Yaesu FT-3000m mobile. Mine stopped working on the local repeater. Tried a different repeater. no luck. Hooked to my base antenna (2m) no luck. Tried it on low power and RX on my base rig and I could hear myself. Going to connect to a wattmeter...
  5. C

    PRO-2001 Service Manual found online

    Greetings, I have searched fruitlessly for quite some time for ANY reference online to a schematic or service manual for the PRO-2001, but on a hunch I tried a few different keywords and found the manual here: This...
  6. K

    PRO 2040 Service manual

    I have been searching for a service manual for a PRO-2040 scanner. Does anyone by chance have one? Thanks Paul, KC8DDQ
  7. ka9rxk

    Need IC-F1721D Service Manual

    Hello, I just bought an Icom IC-F1721D UHF mobile radio, and I would like to get a copy of the service manual. I have had no luck searching for it on GOOGLE. My email address is: Thanks for your help!
  8. A


    Have been scouring the internet for a diagram or even a picture of the insides of this scanner. To be specific I need to see the circuit boards that are inside.