service manual

  1. D

    Desperately seeking circuit diagram, parts of Grundig Satellit 750

    Where can i find replacement potentiometers (value unknown) for the Squelch, RF gain and the SB BFO controls? The radio is a Eton Grundig Satellit 750 which is the same as Tecsun 2000. Anyone with the schematic diagram please tell me the values. Thank you so much !
  2. K

    Yaesu FT-3000m service manual

    I need a service manual/technical bulletin for a Yaesu FT-3000m mobile. Mine stopped working on the local repeater. Tried a different repeater. no luck. Hooked to my base antenna (2m) no luck. Tried it on low power and RX on my base rig and I could hear myself. Going to connect to a wattmeter...
  3. C

    PRO-2001 Service Manual found online

    Greetings, I have searched fruitlessly for quite some time for ANY reference online to a schematic or service manual for the PRO-2001, but on a hunch I tried a few different keywords and found the manual here: This...
  4. K

    PRO 2040 Service manual

    I have been searching for a service manual for a PRO-2040 scanner. Does anyone by chance have one? Thanks Paul, KC8DDQ
  5. ka9rxk

    Need IC-F1721D Service Manual

    Hello, I just bought an Icom IC-F1721D UHF mobile radio, and I would like to get a copy of the service manual. I have had no luck searching for it on GOOGLE. My email address is: Thanks for your help!
  6. A


    Have been scouring the internet for a diagram or even a picture of the insides of this scanner. To be specific I need to see the circuit boards that are inside.