1. P

    Local snowplow services?

    Does anybody know of any snowplow services in the county that I could listen to? This is just a follow-up to my last question.
  2. ncmedic245

    Town of Apex Talkgroups

    I'm looking for talkgroups for Town Apex services particularly electric utilities to program in my scanner (996P2) I already have Fire Department No police as they are encrypted Thanks
  3. K

    Turn off the service scan?

    This is making me crazy. I have the BCD996P2 and have programmed it using FreeScan and RadioReference data. The frequencies are programmed, and they work fine. When I turn the radio on (and almost immediately press the “Hold” button), the stations I programmed come up immediately, and I can...
  4. 1

    Buy a Microwave Denso Dinner set

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  5. M

    Elk Grove Unified School District

    I monitor EGUSD PD along with other agencies, and when the dispatcher for EGUSD comes on, they are hard to understand at times, with a lot of background noise. Does anyone know where they are dispatched from? Also, during the day, it sounds as if they have two dispatchers talking to each other...
  6. Eastie

    Requiring Assistance w/ Trunked Programming

    Hello everyone, I can not seem to figure out how to program this trunked database... Boston City Services Trunking System, Boston, Massachusetts - Scanner Frequencies I have programmed all the channels just fine.. they work.. I understand it is mixed (Type IIi Hybrid) How do i get these...
  7. P

    Different services in the same town on the same frequency???

    I just want people's opionions on this matter. I live in a town where several different agencies share a frequency (Same PL tone as well). Ambulance, Public Works, Senior Center, Etc. All on the same channel. I have heard ambulance calls that have been stepped on by a public works, Couldn't...