1. N

    SFPD - BCD396T or Pro-92 Assistance

    I have both an old Pro-92 (Original 1.00 firmware) and a BCD396T (also original firmware). I've been trying to get either one of them to pick up SFPD using the frequencies and talk group IDs provided on this site. I hear nothing from either radio when scanning for this setup. Other...
  2. L

    Uniden BCD43HP PROBLEM

    I just started having a problem with my radio. While the radio picks up sfpd dispatch, its been spotty lately, not finishing the transmission from both sides. It cuts off the end of each transmission. not sure if I did anything to the settings or what. I tried to adjust the squelch already...
  3. L

    BCD436HP/BCD536HP: SFPD scanning

    I want to scan SFPD ( San Francisco Police Dept.) only while I am in San Francisco. When I input the zip code, I also get surrounding cities which I do not want to get. Please help, thanks
  4. W2MB

    SFPD Low Band?

    I was recently visiting "the city" from the east coast and noticed that the majority of the SFPD patrol vehicles were equipped with two communication antennas. The one on the trunk lid was obviously for their trunked system, each car also and an old style spring loaded low band whip on the read...
  5. M

    Trying to program pro-106 for San Francisco Police Department (SFPD)

    Hi everyone -- I recently purchased a Pro-106 and I have tried for days to program SFPD. I have tried following the owner manual (a million times) and have tried following every tutorial online and every possible combination there of. At this point, I need someone who can provide a step-by-step...
  6. S

    San Francisco County Digital Scanner question

    Hello, so i'm from San Francisco City, California, San Francisco County. I have a digital trunk scanner (PRO-96) which I was trying to monitor the Narcotics channel because it seems so interesting to hear about the stings; especially when the show DEA just came out, i was so excited to monitor...