shelby county

  1. J

    Looking for a specific department's FTO

    I am trying to program FTO's in my BCD996P2. I am looking specifically for Anna Ohio FD's FTO (Shelby County). Could anybody provide me with this and/or the link to find FTO's, please? Thanks in advance!
  2. L

    Shelby County Sheriff Office & Home Patrol 2

    New owner of a Uniden Home Patrol 2. Downloaded the latest database updates from, and have the unit successfully scanning most of the police, EMS, and fire traffic in the area. I upgraded from my Uniden Home Patrol 1 specifically so that I could monitor the Shelby County...
  3. D

    Shelby County Project 25?

    I am confused about Shelby counties project 25 system. I have been listening to the Shelby county sheriff on 154.7850 with ctcss 123.0. Now, half the time I believe I am getting a control channel on 154.7850 with p25:296 indicating with control channel tone. Like I said, I am getting half and...
  4. L

    Memphis Police redistricting stations

    Is anyone in the memphis area familiar with the redistricting that happened in december of last year (i.e. Union Station closed and Crump Station opened). Radio Reference hasn't been updated and I was wondering if Crump Station will keep Union Station's old frequencies.
  5. S

    Help for MPD/Shelby County

    I need someone to help me with Memphis Police Dept. feed. I loaded the freqs. and talkgroups but the scanner keeps hanging up on the controls. I'm using a RS Pro97 I know it's proably a simple fix but I have tried everything I know to do and it's still happening.
  6. scaner123

    Shelby County Sheriff Codes

    Does anyone have the Shelby County Sheriff Office Signal and 10 Codes?