1. I

    Siren issue with XTL5000 W9 Head

    I seem to be having siren issues with my trunk mount VHF XTL5000 with a W9 head. The siren used to work fine until my radio suddenly wouldn't boot when starting my car. It would only flash the backlight for a split second, turn off, then flash again until the ignition was turned off. The radio...
  2. melona380

    Lancaster Co, EOC Siren Freqs

    Hey all, Does anyone happen to know what freq the EOC uses in Lancaster county for civil defense siren activation? Any chance EOC has a POCSAG system also? PS. any cool simplex stuff out and about. Cheers KE0EWO
  3. N

    Ottawa Sirens

    I have been trying to find ottawa’s siren frequency so i can get Two time/DTFM/FSK in my siren videos. Anyone know Ottawa siren frequency, or can some one help me get it?
  4. fdnyfish

    Siren app question

    An the siren app be set up to listen from outside your home? Looking for a direct straight answer, with instructions.
  5. K1IWN

    The Flaky iOS Siren App

    Looking around this website among others to try to troubleshoot the iOS Siren app with the 536. It works once in a while, seamlessly. Other times, I get voice, but a blank display. Other times I get absolutely nothing. The dongle upgrade was done, the right IP for the scanner is loaded, and...
  6. O

    7 Months in

    7 Months in and still no Siren app. Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, that is not a train?
  7. medic29

    Contacting Uniden re: Siren App

    I've read through the messages posted here on RR about the siren app and noticed the mods getting sensitive about the members' frustrations and them voicing the same, especially since this site seems to be one of the largest sites where folks who have scanners come to socialize, communicate...
  8. S

    BCD536hp wifi and App

    The sales rep and the store owner where I purchased My 536hp discussed with me with some uncertainty two issues why we haven't seen the Wifi streaming and control of the 536hp as was promised and a vertices by uniden. This would require a major firmware and or hardware revision " specifically...
  9. S

    MCS-2000 Siren Interfacing

    Looking for information on interfacing a siren with my MCS-2000. What Motorola Siren/pa box do i need? Cables Needed? I'm new to the use and programming of motorola radios. i read that you can use the systems 9000 sirens with these radios is this true? Radio is a MCS-2000 110watt UHF...
  10. webby52

    Instalert out of business

    I recently was looking to have a tone added to my Instalert siren controller and tried my best to get a hold of the owner Nick in Riverside, NJ. The phone just goes to voicemail and the fax machine has been shut off, emails go unanswered. After calling the police who refused to do a welfare...
  11. mycall911

    Whelen Storm Sirens

    Our community purchased and installed (8) Whelen storm sirens around 2003-2004. These sirens have a VHF transmitter/receiver that decode the DTMF activation tones and other commands and then can "talk back" to the system reporting the "status" of each individual siren. According to our vendor...
  12. S

    Orion Transmit and Siren Light Problem

    I am experiencing 2 problems with a recent Orion acquisition. I purchased a Low Band Orion with the Systems Control Head. 1) When the radio is powered on, it immediately goes into transmit mode. After depressing the mic key, it will stop transmitting and go into normal operation. 2) The Siren...
  13. laidback

    Tornado Siren Freq.

    I have looked and can not find the answer. I live between two sirens but they are far enough that if the wind is not right I can not hear either siren. The siren north of me is remotely activated . My question is: does anyone know the freq. for the sirens in Whitley County,Indiana ? I am...
  14. kenshabby

    To encrypt or not encrypt?

    City explains tornado siren policy
  15. T

    Legality Of Whelen Electric Air Horn

    I also posted this in on an earlier thread similar to this, regarding light bars, but I also posted it here, in a new thread. It isn't exactly radio related, but I did the best I could to find a home on the forum for this question. Is there any law in Canada, or more specifically, in New...
  16. dbsar

    Weather Alert Radio with Adjust Siren Volume

    I want a weather radio with the ability to turn down the alert siren. I mean way down (almost off). The one I have at bedside is adjustable and is still too loud at night and scares the bejeebies out of me. Then my wife gets I’d appreciate your suggestions. It would also be cool if...
  17. linkinpark9812

    Suggestion with Motorola Spectra Siren/PA

    Ok, I have been searching these forums and others and found a great deal of information, so I can actual ask this question clearly. I have a Spectra VHF 110W Radio with an A9 head and 1 DEK. Everything works, no errors, programming fine, perfect working order. Now I want to get the Siren/PA. I...