1. A

    Can we archive our posts?

    So, I was wondering whether we can archive our posts, meaning I can "hide" it from the "Public" but me, the Author, still be able to see it. I haven't found any way to do that, yet.. Is that possible? How? Thanks!
  2. RadioDitch

    Etherstack P25: Transmitting All Peer Control Channels

    Question for those who are far more educated than I am. First Energy has an Etherstack P25 Phase I system on the air in New Jersey using QPSK modulation, with Motorola APX subscribers. One particular site was displaying a unique behavior on Unitrunker the night before last, with the peer list...
  3. C

    Talkgroup - site programming near Columbus

    Hi all. This is a novice question but I can't seem to find the answer in the forums. How do I determine what site to program for a particular talk group? Is there a list that correlates talkgroups with sites? I don't think all talk groups are available on all sites, so how do I determine...
  4. H

    XPT Site ID Decode

    I am monitoring an XPT enabled trunk system near my qth and I am wanting DSD+ to come up with Site details etc. Anyone on this forum that happens to have "access" to an XPT Hytera system please send me a datastream file sample of Site 1 progammed channel to analyse and send to the DSD+ author...
  5. C

    Attemping to scan SDSU PD

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to scan SDSU PD on RCS, but had a question I need cleared up. How can you find out what talk group is on which site, in other words... If I wanted to listen to SDSU PD would I need to program a specific site? I have only been dabbling around the North cell...
  6. WX9RLT

    ADS-B Military Feed Sites?

    There any ADS-B military feed sites? I used to feed to but that sites been down awhile. Is there any sites like that one?
  7. jhal94

    Multiple site Edacs on PRO-164?

    I'm not sure if other people have this same issue but here it is: I Know how to program a single city edacs system and I did it for Clearwater, Fl and it works flawlessly. However I am stumped on how to program in multiple site edacs systems into the same bank, is this possible or no? Edit...
  8. C

    Palmetto 800 Sites (Anderson-Greeville) offline???

    I'm in Anderson County, SC, about 5 mi. from the Palmetto 800 tower (site 042). Why am I saying they are offline? Only having been at this a few months, there's a lot I don't know and I could be missing something important, but here is what I found... All of the Site & Talk Group info for...
  9. N

    State 800 Arbuckle Site

    I noticed that on the Arbuckle 800 tower it has a site neighbor of "site 38" listed. However on the home State 800 page there is not a site 38 listed. Does anyone know where this is located? Thanks
  10. fwfdengine2

    Putting Site Freqs with TGID's

    I am having a little confusion putting site frequencies with their TGID's.. I can figure out some.. Olmsted Co. Simulcast goes with the Olmsted County Sheriff/Fire/EMS TGID's.. However, like with Minneapolis.. Do I use Minneapolis City Center Simulcast? Or Minneapolis N - S Simulcast? Or...
  11. P

    M.A.R.C.S. Site Numbers

    I was wondering if somebody could explain the new Site Numbers for M.A.R.C.S.. Also, why are some in parenethesis? Thanks.
  12. I

    Anyone know this site: HAM_RIGS?

    I just came across the site: Seems decent enough. It's a wiki, so anyone can contribute, I've added my Yaesu FRG-7700 to give it a try: Lots of other rigs are already on the site, although many in...