site trunking

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    BCD996XT: Scanning Group channels...excluding site frequencies.

    I have not been able to find help on this anywhere. To preface...let me paint a picture of my system. I have a Trunked System Setup, specifically, the LA County ICIS System Interagency Communications Interoperability System (ICIS) Trunking System, Various, California - Scanner Frequencies I am...
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    Downtown Houston site and Metro PD

    Hi - I have a Pro-97 from radio shack and have a few questions. 1) Why does the "site" Downtown Houston mostly come up with the truncking channels ? Although I do live close to downtown houston, every blue moon, my scanner will pick up Pasadena <Harris> as a site and then I can hear all of the...
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    problem with XTS2500 & XTS 5000 "site Trunking"

    all of our radios mobiles base stations and handhelds all say site trunking and are not allowing the users to transmit on them. When the base station radios are moved to the repeater channel they work with no problem however no other radios work in the system. It is also a problem city wide...