1. D

    CB: Higher Power Radio or Amp?

    Good afternoon all! Question: All thing being equal, and hypothetically of course; for general use CB (short range), longer distance communication (25+ miles) and 'skip', is a higher powered radio (export or mod) or a linear amplifier generally preferred? Or both? Again assuming the same mic...
  2. Dispatrick

    2019 VHF Low Band Logs

    Starting the list early this year! Bergen County NJ opening between approx 10:20 and 11:30 37.040 127.3 Smyth County VA Sheriff 42.940 173.8 Either NC or MO, open mic received for about 2:30 seconds 46.080 151.4 Bartow County GA Fire Disp (The EARLIEST I've ever heard this station. usually...
  3. 5

    CB in Europe vs N. America

    This is a question for the DX'ers or more seasoned operators out there: I've been checking out different cb forums for quite a while and also listening on the band and i find that cb ( including un-authorized out of band usage above ch. 40 ) is much more evolved in Europe compared to N...
  4. K

    Caught 10M Ham Radio Band On Skip Today

    Good evening to everybody. Have not posted in a little bit but wanted to share this with the members. Today while seaching thru 10M band I caught skip from CA. It was simplex on 29.290. I thought it was amazing to hear it. I was using a PCTEL (Maxrad) mobile antenna cut for 47MHz. It is a 1/4...
  5. F

    new low band vhf mil log

    im going to start a new low band mil log from30 to 50 mhz and will post updates about every week or so. I have a bcd536hp with the hole low band mill air band with tone 151.4 anyone wishing to help is more than welcome my qth is goode va and antanna is buckscomm dipole antanna 73s to all
  6. R

    PSR-800 lockout Radio IDs so they can't be heard on a scanlist

    I have setup a TRS with a bunch of radio ids locked out and skipped so that I don't have to hear traffic from them. But all this seems to do is not display the alpha tag I have attached to the RID's that are locked out and skipped. The reason I want to do this is the city I want to listen to's...
  7. D

    W8DEJ about Wouxun KG-UV6X Programing-Scaning

    I purchased a Wouxun KG-UV6X and it works fine. I can not find any information on how to toggle any memory channels from scan to not to scan using the keys or functions in the field. How can I go from Memory to VFO in order to program a channel in the field and save it to memory. The...
  8. K

    Strong signal but skipping?

    Why would an otherwise clear-sounding transmission be skipping out every other second when I have full signal strength? The scanner is a Radio Shack PRO106. I'm using the RS 20-006 telescoping whip antenna opened up to five sections. The frequencies that skip tend to be from Portsmouth, NH...
  9. k9rzz

    Perseid Meteor Shower *TONIGHT*

    I'll have one radio parked on a clear FM channel and another on a clear weather radio frequency, both being recorded on a computer to see what kind of meteor skip I can hear. I'll just use low dipoles to minimize any tropo enhancement and maximize signals coming from space. I hope to get...