1. dave3825

    Site slow ?

    I believe the site was down today but now that it is back up, the pages are horribly slow. Are any other users seeing slowness? Maybe it's a node between myself and radio reference.
  2. S

    Pro-651: Problems with super-slow scan speed - help needed

    Hey guys, Asking for a friend with a new (as in maybe a little old but just out of the box, never used before) Pro-651 that I've been helping to get his scanner programmed and running tip-top. Using win500 and my RS programming cable to download from RR database, I programmed his scanner with...
  3. A

    BCD996P2: Slow Priority Scan

    Just a quick question about Uniden Priority scan. I've owned a BCD996P2 for quite some time now and it's a beautiful scanner. It works perfectly except for one function, it's analog priority scan. It's remarkably slow, as in it pauses to check the priority channel for enough time to make any...
  4. wmetech1

    PSR-800 Freezing

    I received my PSR-800 on Friday (1/4) and I have noticed two interesting issues. I wanted to throw them out to everyone here before contacting GRE. 1) When using the unit in my car, whilst plugged in to my 2 port cigarette lighter to USB adapter (name brand, not a cheap one) I have had an issue...