1. johnfeher

    Need help using SDRTRUNK with 2 RTL-SDR dongles to listen to Seattle KCERS

    I am new to the SDR hobby. On the positive note, I am able to listen/decode Seattle King County/ValleyCom Simulcast (Motorola Type II SmartZone) in Auburn using UNITRUNKER software. When I switch to the SDRTRUNK, (in hopes of perhaps having more control over what talk groups I listen to) all I...
  2. 1

    XTS5000 Model 3 Zone Channel Assignment Personality Type Conv ONLY

    For some reason I get the eye glasses when I try and change the Personality Type to Trk. I have an Astro25 system key and have added a trunking personality with 17 Astro 25 talk groups to the codeplug. Anyone know what function will remove the eye glasses and allow the change from Conv to...
  3. C

    Will G5 work on a SmartZone system in migration to p25?

    Help me understand the G5 I just came across this device and think it will help me with the problems I have encountered with the RadioShack Pro-668 SCAN. I simply don’t get all the transmissions anymore. Moving on, I like everything about the G5 from durability, size, testimonials, etc. and...
  4. T

    Programming FleetNet on XTS 3000

    Hello, I was wondering what everyones thoughts were regarding programming FleetNet on an XTS 3000 when it comes to the coverage type option in the CPS. When creating the Trunking System what is the best option for the coverage type: Disabled, Local AMSS, WAC AMSS, or SmartZone? Thanks in Advance.
  5. C

    Lowndes co Motorola Type 2 Smartzone

    I have a pro 106 that I am trying to program for Mototola Type 2 Smartzone. I have the ARC 500 programming software and have uploaded the system information from RR. I have updated my filmware on my scanner. ver Ru2.1 DSP RU1.4 DSP VocVer 1.0 I am not picking up anything and am not sure what to...
  6. I

    BC246T: BC246T and Bell Fleetnet system in Ontario, Canada

    This is getting very frustrating. Is there something I'm missing about this programming? I REALLY didn't expect this much trouble. I hope somebody can help me with this. Does my BC246T receive Motorola Type II Smartzone? Is there another name for it? In my manual it says MOT Type II is 800 or...
  7. H

    Can a SmartZone radio be used in non-trunking mode?

    Is it possible to disable the use of Trunking on a Motorola that has SmartZone enabled? Say you just wanted to use it in standard repeater or simplex operation. Just wondering if SmartZone is all or nothing. Thanks.
  8. Anon6083

    Tippecanoe Type II SmartZone Emergency Mode

    There have been two instances that I've observed in the past week where a dispatcher's (PUPD and TCSD) board reported that a radio's emergency button had been pressed. I have the TCPS system programmed in my BC346XT such that it will use a particular tone when a radio keys up on a talk group...
  9. K1EDH

    Programming Trunked Systems

    I want to program these freguecie into my PRO-106, (Massachusetts State Police Trunking System, Statewide, Massachusetts - Scanner Frequencies), I am using the editor found on this website as a trial, and plan to buy it. Can someone please help me and telling me which one I should use. he web...
  10. U

    Trying to pickup cities around Houston

    Hi, just starting to join the scanner community. I'm in the Jersey Village area (290 & Sam houston tollway). I can pickup most of what I'm looking for, but of some stuff, I get nothing. I've programmed for Missouri City, Stafford, Sugerland, Galveston, Motgomery county, but get notta. Should...
  11. K

    Motorola Type II SmartZone?

    Hello, I'm looking for a 144/440 that will pickup (RX) Motorola Type II SmartZone systems (IE: Law Enforcement) Would the Yaesu FT-60R or the Yaesu VX-7R receive on Motorola Type II SmartZone frequencies? 73's!! KC2VLC -Mike
  12. mtindor

    Unitrunker - Smartzone Omnilink

    Rick, For a long time I have noticed something "unusual" to me. I am not sure if it is something you are aware of. I listen to the Ohio MARCS statewide system. I live near the boundary of two zones (6F10 is my home zone with 6F0F being the other zone). On 6F10 sites where there are site...