1. K

    Spokane (SRECS) site issue

    I currently live in the Spokane area and recently purchased the BCD436HP. I pretty much can only get the Mt.Spokane sites reception from my current location and it is actually crystal clear and a perfect signal. However I have noticed an issue and wondering if anyone knows why or possibly how to...
  2. cwb212001

    Spokane SRECS info

    Greetings! Does anyone have any info they want to share about the up and coming SRECS system in Spokane? Above and beyond what is available in the edited database? Spokane Regional Emergency Communications System Trunking System, Spokane, Washington - Scanner Frequencies There used to be...
  3. Thunderbolt

    Spokane Regional Emergency Communications Systems

    The Spokane Regional Emergency Communications Systems (SRECS), has petitioned the FCC to greatly expand their current radio system. They plan to add a six-site simulcast system, and nine multicast sites to their Project 25 TRS. You can read more about these plans on the FCC Web site: Supporting...