1. Viking1

    AOR AR-2500

    Receiver works, backlight is out, readable as long as you're not in the dark. Should be easy to replace the bulbs. Make a fair offer or a trade? Price is shipped.
  2. M

    Best <$300 radio or receiver for Wellbrook loop and SSB reception?

    I am looking to put $200 ish into a new radio or receiver. My goal is pleasant, copyable audio over SSB. I like to listen to weather and aircraft transmissions. I've gotten great results from a Lowe HF-150- everything else seems to be ok but not awesome. I lost my Lowe in a flood, and am not...
  3. T

    Bearcat 980 SSB Transmit Issue

    I have a fairly new 3 month old Bearcat 980 with a tuned mobile antenna. It works great but for the last month I have an issue only with sideband, either one, AM is fine. I key up start talking and before you know it the meter is pinned and no more audio. I have tried without Talkback, with...
  4. I

    38 LSB QSO:

    Greetings & salutations to all out here on RadioReference. I've got a Cobra 148GTL that I've had for quite a few years that I've wanting to try out on SSB. Now I know CB use isn't anywhere it used to be, but, if there is anyone out there that is interested in trying out a little SSB on Channel...
  5. kk4dnl

    Where to find amateur operator data transmissions?

    I am new to shortwave listening been at it for about 2-3 months. Just wondering what are the popular frequencies on shortwave to find amateur radio operators chatting. Wanting to decode really anything , RTTY, CW, MFSK, PSK stuff like that. I will be getting my second SW receiver in a few...
  6. RadioFreeq

    Survivalist SSB CB Freeband Channel Frequencies

    About Freeband Freeband refers to unlicensed radio transmitting on the frequencies above, below, and in between normal HF, VHF or UHF radio bands. Freebanding is communicating on the freeband frequencies. CB radios, HAM radios, and commercial radios can be modified to get freeband channels. The...
  7. w4wxp

    What is this net? (Video attached)

    Anyone know what this net is? I have no idea. It was on 6977 khz at 10:30 pm GMT today (Sept 23rd). I'm sure it's maritime related, but it sounded like a ham net....but absolutely not on 40 meters as it was in the 6 meg range. Is that a maritime ssb frequency? If so, what's the net called...
  8. VE5JL

    Radio Shack TRC-457

    Ah, a classic and a few friends we all had in our shack at one time or another.
  9. P

    Icom 706 won't transmit on SSB

    So I have my Icon 706 hooked up to a G5RV Jr 51ft. It won't transmit on any band on SSB. Is this because my SWR is high, 6 meters is a good example, on 6 meter FM my Auto Tuner clicks and tunes and tunes it to 1:1 SWR and everything is cool, but if I switch to SSB on 6meter my 706 won't...
  10. F

    CB users in the Pembroke Allenstown Concord area

    Is there anyone out there who operates on a base radio in town or in a 5 mile radius of the center on Pembroke? i think the center would be like the ending of Brodway. If so im on channel 13 my handle name is FanMan call for me or send me a comment of when you will be on...and does anybody know...