1. E

    Cheaper alternative to the st-2 antenna ?

    I'm new to RTL-SDR and I live about 11miles (16km) from Heathrow Airport in London. My apartment is on the 3rd floor of a building, and I am facing in the direction of the airport. Many people mention that its hard to hear the Control Tower (unless you actually go to Heathrow). However...
  2. busterphenajo

    ST-2 antenna

    The stock cable RG-59 that comes with the antenna has f-connectors. The F - BNC adapter is supplied is bad. I tried to replaced it with Amphenol 242154, but the center cable is to thick for the adapter center hole. Looking for an adapter that would work.
  3. G

    Modified ST-2 OCFD

    I had and old wind damaged ST-2. The shorter VHF elements were damaged. I modified it to an OCFD ( 18" / 48") while leaving the UHF / 800 elements in place. I live in an urban environment. Its mounted in the attic with aprox. 25 ft of RG-6. I just put it up and will evaluate over the next...
  4. D

    Newbie Antenna question

    Howdy all, I'll start out first by saying I have ZERO knowledge about antenna building. So with that in mind, I'll apologize in advance if this is a really dumb question... I have a Scantenna ST-2 that got damaged a few days ago and when I went to order a new one I learned that they are no...
  5. S

    Trouble Receiving 800mhz

    I just purchased the st-2 antenna and have mounted it to the roof of my house probably near 30 feet high. The st-2 works great on receiving conventional frequencies both close by and further away. The issue i have is that anything on the 800 band will not come in. At the best the scanner will...
  6. B

    Direction of ST-2 antenna

    Hello, I currently listen to a RS PRO-163 that is linked to a Scantenna ST-2 mounted to the side of my house. I do monitor the Mass State Police 800MHz Motorola trunking system with this setup, and many times the reception quality is quite poor and full of static. I live approx 45 miles from...
  7. H

    Running Two Scanners off of a ST-2 Antenna

    Hello. I have searched the forum and found information about using a splitter to run two scanners off of one antenna and from what I understand, doing this causes a db loss. I have an AntennaCraft ST2 on the roof. What I am wondering is if I can run two coax cables from the antenna? I was...