state police

  1. D

    Indiana State Police Region Six Transmitter

    I'm just wondering since the Indiana State police are on the Indiana Project 25 system can't I just add the local transmitter site here in Elkhart even though the description is Breman?
  2. Bote

    MSP Maryland State Police tips

    I stopped at the "Bay Country" rest area on US301 and Hayden Rd/MD834 on the Eastern Shore yesterday morning and heard an MSP unit talking to another directly on the McHenry low band channel 39.08 MHz This is remarkable because 1) this was pretty much as far from Garrett County as you can get...
  3. F

    Va state police

    Does anyone know the freq for va state police for division 1 Richmond area??
  4. scanningman

    Code Adam on MSP channel...

    Was just listening to the scanner and heard "code adam" on the msp channel. I assume it actually means code a, but anyways, does anyone know what this means? The officer responded "code adam positive" and really made me curious.
  5. K

    CSP Troop L

    Hello, I am new to and was directed here through an iPhone App. I see that you can listen in on the Troops from eastern Connecticut. I was wondering if anyone was planning to put the western Troops on like Troop L or if they are on what website I could listen to them...
  6. S

    State Police Frequency in Weirton?

    I constantly hear Weirton Police tell THEIR dispatch that they will be out on a traffic stop with DPS unit (State Trooper). What frequency does the State Police talk on in the Weirton area? Also, Is that frequency a trunked or conventional frequency? Thank you in advance.
  7. I

    ISP R3 Feed to replace Nampa PD?

    I'm floating the idea of replacing my Nampa PD Primary and Ch B feed with an ISP Region 3 feed... At this point we're a couple of weeks away from NPD making the switch to the 700 MHz system which will silence the analog-only feed I maintain. Thoughts? Thanks!
  8. S

    njsp win96

    this might be a dumb question i imported troop c from rr database and talkgroups are all 400-? i have troop a and the talkgroups are regular like 26992 34---,etc. troop c freqs are 855.01250? 859.71250 858, 857, 856.71250 why wont talkgroups import just like in database? is 855.01250 even a...
  9. 4phun

    Radio Singla from missing NMSP helicopter detected near Santa Fe NM

    Radio Signal from missing NMSP helicopter detected near Santa Fe NM I received this update message from Crisis Alert about 9 AM EDT on 09-10-09 SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - New Mexico authorities say rescue teams are within a half-mile of the snow-covered mountain area where they expect to find a...