stereo feed

  1. 4

    Stereo feed

    This may be a silly question. I am running a stereo feed and the audio is fine. However, I am wondering if it is possible to broadcast the alpha tags from both scanners? Currently I just broadcast the alpha tags from the digital trunking. I would also like to broadcast the alpha tags on the...
  2. Deziel0495

    New Stereo Feed Icon

    I'm curious of people's thoughts of possibly implementing a stereo feed icon (similar to the alpha tags icon) to distinguish mono feeds from stereo feeds. Sure, providers describe feeds as stereo in their description (or they should) but I think a small icon beside the feed name would be ideal...
  3. C

    Record Out & Streaming ??'s

    I currently stream a stereo feed on here. The current setup has the audio being routed out of the back of the "Record Out" Jack on the back of the 996 and 15x. My question is the audio volume that is fed out of the record out controlled by the volume knob or is it constantly the same audio level?