1. KJ4TDM

    BCD99XT Squelch Skicking

    Anyone have a problem there BCD99XT squelch getting stuck? It don't do it for all the systems. It does it on the digital and analog systems. I can hit the Scan/Search button and when it scans by the previous stuck system, it wont stop with an open squelch (unless there's traffic on that system)...
  2. whiterabbit_medic

    pro 106 volume squelch knob issue

    I have recently started to have issues with my pro 106 volume squelch knob. It seems to stick together when trying to adjust ether the volume or the squelch. it only after about 11:00 position on the knob, is there a way to safely clean it so I can prevent it locking up or having to send it in...