1. S

    News Article: Alamogordo Parks Dept Radio Stolen

    Alamogordo police logs (Sept. 6-9) - Alamogordo Daily News Where accountability should be held in my opinion, example made and responsibilty. I know they all went through speeches and John Hancocks when they got new radios. Article doesn't say much. Sixth one up from very bottom. If its...
  2. TRNcommLLC

    Stolen Radios?

    Anyone know of a database of stolen radios? I have a few that have been stolen and I get used radios brought to me to sell. I don't need the problems and whom ever they belong too should get them back. There is one site I seen but not sure about it. The last entry was like 2009 maybe that's...
  3. S

    Stolen Radio Equipment List from Las Vegas AES Store

    Burglary at AES Las Vegas I received an email today, from a friend, with an attachment, listing several pieces of equipment that were stolen from AES Las Vegas, this past Saturday. We need to keep our eyes open for these items and report any attempts to sell them, to the Las Vegas Metro Police...