1. screenersam

    Anyone Remember 'Crazy Eddie's Electronics? Every night starting at 10:30, Crazy Eddie store managers descended on the Brooklyn home of Antar’s uncle (also named Eddy). They came with bags full of cash, checks, and receipts. Antar’s uncle used the cash to pay off...
  2. T

    Sheetz Gas Stations

    I'm looking primarily for Sheetz #258 or any Sheetz in the area of Pottsville. I found an FCC listing for store #221 but that's all I've found. I'm not sure if some stores just use MURS. If anyone has any input, that'd be greatly appreciated! Sheetz #221 listing...
  3. C

    Sephora 467.925 DCS412

    A new Sephora store opened at the Champaign, IL mall. I found them using 467.925 DCS412. This is a new freq/tone combo for Sephora. I've seen them listed online using the following at other malls: 461.1125 DCS412 **most commonly used 467.7625 DCS412 464.5500 DCS412 461.0875 DCS466
  4. N

    Helicopter Monitoring - NYC

    Hi, I am interested in monitoring civilian helicopter communications around new york city. I know nothing about scanners and need to get up to speed quick. Is there a good store in NYC that can help me with what type of scanner to get and how to use it? Thanks!