1. C

    BCFY feed and BUTT audio device

    Hello, I recently started a BCFY feed, and I use BUTT to stream it. I noticed in the settings under primary audio device it has a dropdown list to select the audio source, then to the right of that it says "left" and "right". Left has 1 selected and right has 2 selected. The channel mode is set...
  2. N

    DMR text messages streaming to phone

    Hey guys. I’m turning to this forum with hope to possibly find a solution regarding DMR data (especially text messages) stream to smart phone. For decoding I currently use DSD+ but I want to access text messages when away from computer, over my phone. Is that somehow possible? Thanks and kind...
  3. R

    I created an application to link to my GRN live streams - Looking for beta testers

    Features: Minimises to tray Compatible with Windows 8 and up 2 streams in one with explanation and coverage information Still in beta so more features to come. I am looking for feedback and folks who dont mind installing this and test it out. This app does not alter the registry or system...
  4. W

    Scanner recommendation for streaming

    I am looking for recommendations for a scanner to setup streaming of a basic UHF transmission. Any simple scanner should suffice, it just needs to be good for connecting up to a computer for streaming. That is where I am unsure. I would like to get this feed live, but I'm not sure what to...
  5. V

    RTL sdr stream to radio reference

    Is there a way to use my RTL SDR dongles to feed a 'Radio Reference Feed'? Becoming a Feed Provider - The RadioReference Wiki I have 3 vhf radios and a PC that just had a catastrophic failure and It would be nice to downsize/optimize the setup. Something like ScannerCast but for SDR Dongles...
  6. B

    Scanner cast connection issue

    Hi all, I have had a stream for about 3 weeks now. The first 20 days have went off without a hitch. I updated my radio and the stream was down for 24 hours. I installed the new radio and began broadcast. It looks like I am broadcasting to the broadcastify servers but it doesn't. I also am...
  7. scanphreak

    Help: ProScan Webserver Stream to Android device

    I have Proscan 5.6 on my windows 7 machine, and currently I have the web server enabled and I have no problem getting the web server on Dauphin HD browser on my Android device, however when I click on the "listen" link I get a message saying nothing available to play this file format. I...
  8. D

    Mac App?

    Hey there, Does anyone know if there is a Mac app for streaming on RR? I'm currently using a WinXP machine, and it will only go for a week max (usually a few days) before I have to reboot. I'll be freeing up an old MacBook and would rather use it instead because reboots will be few and very...
  9. I

    Auto Club 400 Live Stream TV Link

    Hello Fans, Watch NASCAR Auto Club 400 Live Stream Auto Club Speedway online in March 25, 2012 at 02:30PM ET. Just follow our streaming TV link. Enjoy Auto Club 400 Auto Club Speedway live stream Free NASCAR Game Online HD on your Pc. Ensure that you must be 100% satisfied in out service so...
  10. D


    We would like to restore our live scanner feed on our website. We originally had a Motorola DeskTrac that was being used, but has since moved on. Is there anyway way that the CDM1250 can be used to stream to our website? Any and all input is greatly appreciated!!
  11. devildogusmc4

    Streaming For Mac

    Hi everyone, I had a quick question regarding the streaming software. I have streamed on RR before but that was a while ago. I streamed on a Win Vista/7 but now I just got a nice PowerMac G5 and wanted o know if I can use the stream software on the Mac or is the program only .exe . Thank You! (I...
  12. B

    Radio Reference is it real or is it Memorex?

    Ahh, sorry to burst anyones bubble here but you might want to hear this. Here I am like most nights doing my online community college classes, while listening to radio frequencies out of PHX, AZ and if this did not happen twice I may not if gave it much thought but, well, Last night I heard...
  13. Bote

    Key West scanner stream test

    I'm testing a public safety scanner feed in Key West, Florida this weekend. The audio is as good as I can get it, sorry but it's a digital system. For now it's got fire, police, and marine stuff, but the marine freqs will probably get locked out as it does not hear them well at all. If I can...
  14. R

    Olympia PD stream now online

    The Olympia, WA police dispatch stream is now online at OlyScanner. I tried to submit the link to this site, however the response that I received was somewhat cryptic. Enjoy.
  15. bassjunkie

    Recording a scanner stream

    Does anyone have any software to recommend for recording a scanner stream? I've tried a few and none turn out the way I want it to - to only record when sound is playing, split the files, and time-stamp them.
  16. w2lie

    New York Yankee's Parade

    Unless you live under a rock, by now you know that the New York Yankees won the World Series in game 6. will be streaming NYPD activity from lower NY during the day on Nov 6th, for the Parade - on the "Special" feed. The parade is set to start at 11am, and will move its way up the...
  17. K

    two radios on one feed???

    Hello all. I am using oddcast and want to play separate radios on the two channels, but not sure exactly how to go about it. Can I just use a splitter to separate the left and right channel audio at back of soundcard and then use a different cable for each radio? Basically I want to stream ham...
  18. bigskybuff

    New - Las Vegas, Henderson, Clark County Feed

    From the creators of comes a new feed streaming from Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark County. This stream covers both conventional frequencies and the Clark County Southern Nevada Area Communications Council [S.N.A.C.C.] trunking system. We have most of the Police/Fire/EMS...
  19. poltergeisty

    Sending RS232 data through SSH

    Yep, you heard it right. :lol: This really isn't decoder related, well sort of, in a sense. Figure I'll get a better response in here. I have a program that will create a virtual com port and send the RS232 data over TCP, I.E, over a network. Well, I can pass RS232 data from one computer to...