1. Alpha Delta-4 Console Antenna Switch N Connectors

    Alpha Delta-4 Console Antenna Switch N Connectors

    I used this with several receive antennas for SDRs and scanners. This is a very robust switch. No visible signs of wear. No Box, no manuals, no trades. If you are not familiar with this antenna switch here are the details: https://www.alphadeltaradio.com/pdf/ASC%20switch%20data%20sheet2.pdf...
  2. CQ

    Still Time to Return

    Another reason not to give into the i-diot phones. Unfortunately the only viable alternative left is Android. https://nypost.com/2017/12/22/apple-hit-with-class-action-suits-over-slowed-down-iphones/
  3. F

    Looking for a good A/B switch

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a A/B or /C switch. Previously I had tried one from Radio Shack, but I think that was made for TV or something. I had to ditch that because it killed all signals to my radio. I currently have a tri-band antenna which works pretty good. But I also have a home made...
  4. C

    Rogers County Claremore Area Help

    Hey guys as you can see i am new on here i have my feed online with offline comming with minor antenna ajustments and other audio tweaks. Anyways my help that i am asking about is that when i am listening to rogers county sherriffs dept or claremore police sometimes i hear them talking then they...
  5. R

    Va Beach Switch? PSR-800

    I have a GRECOM PSR-800. I have had VB fire dispatch and tac channels set on scanlists and they were working fine toward the middle to tail end of 2011. Today, Jan 1, 2012, I can't get anything on those same settings. Any advice...
  6. C

    Federal Signal Vision Lightbar Controller Question

    Does anyone know if theres a way to just use the controller as a switchbox / controller for other lights and such without having the gigantic V-bar mounted on the roof? because I basically i just wanna use it for the Traffic advisor bar and the slide switch to control my other lights in sync...