1. scanthewaves

    BCD436HP: 436HP stuck on hold for system

    For some reason I suspect might be the SD card this unit I just got keeps getting stuck on hold on certain systems and I can’t toggle off hold on the Dept. the only way to resume scanning and I’ve tried Function System is to go to WX search in the menu and then Function system. I have another SD...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    SDS100 Site hold

    Whenever I put in a zip code to cherry pick certain frequencies that I want to add to a favorites list, it always site holds a certain channel at some point of me scrolling, and I don't know how to undo this. Has anyone else ever dealt with this?
  3. VA3YRM

    Sites systems groups, etc.

    Hello, Being new to scanning, the question I have is probably simple: For both conventional and trunked: What is the definition of a system? What is the definition of a site? What is the definition of a group? What is the definition of a department? What is the definition of a channel? How...
  4. 1

    XTS5000 Model 3 Zone Channel Assignment Personality Type Conv ONLY

    For some reason I get the eye glasses when I try and change the Personality Type to Trk. I have an Astro25 system key and have added a trunking personality with 17 Astro 25 talk groups to the codeplug. Anyone know what function will remove the eye glasses and allow the change from Conv to...
  5. J

    system and sites. need all sites? whistler scanner

    i have the whistler trx-1. do i need to import all the sites of a system? if i select only some sites do i need to select certain talk groups instead of all also? my area is here; Chandler would be my system for my area. so would i...
  6. Marauder

    What happened to dutchess 911's end tone???

    It changed this morning! I heard some talk about "trouble with the new system" I listen every day ... this is the first I am hearing .. the end tone sounds like Ulster 911's tone. I remember hearing this tone since I was was a kid, what happened? am I out of the loop?
  7. P

    BCD996P2: P1150

    I'm a noob (admittedly) and I have owned scanners all my life just about. I have an BCD996p2 for a couple years now and I have a question? I live in Michigan and trying to track down the system Livonia Mi police use. Are they using edacs, p25 or something else. I am having a difficult time...
  8. S

    TK 5710 System use

    Hello everyone, I am trying to understand the use of multiple systems with the KPG-95DGN programming software. I am using Version 2 and 3 radios. Incidentally, this applies to the TK 5210 as well since my department uses both and they can use the same dat files with a few adjustments of...
  9. A

    unitrunker roaming

    sorry if this has been discussed before this site is very active i have a very large system in my area and i would like to set up unitrunker to automatically grab another control as im driving.. would adding all the ccs to a single site and using Chase to grab them work for what i want...
  10. marksroberson

    Jefferson County Public Safety Radio System

    hello everyone! I am in the process of moving houses, ( having to change addresses on everything uhhhhhh...) anyways! I was scanning through all of the frequencies in my scanner and hit the 700 MHz range and heard Jefferson county public safety's 800mhz radio system 's talkgroups on 700 MHz...
  11. Deziel0495

    RCMP Canada Wide 420 MHz Frequencies

    I'm not sure about other provinces, but here in PEI the RCMP use the 420 MHz frequencies for special use and for interop with neighbouring provinces New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. All use is P25 and encrypted. Even though RCMP are moving to the P25 trunk system in NS and PEI, I've heard from...
  12. kg4ojj

    MCLB Albany - 380 MHz Trunked Radio System

    I have been hunting for any proof of the MCLB Albany (okay, Albeennny) 380 MHz trunked radio system. It had been rumored to be 'in development' for a few years. Found it..... sort of. Control channel is 380.325 (P25 Phase I, NFM, NAC 00A (zero zero alpha) ) As I was driving through the...
  13. scanthewaves

    Pacific power frequencies

    Looked in the database etc, can't find anything. Anyone know what the current PAC power frequencies are here in Corvallis Albany area, had a power outage last night would have been good to be able to monitor. Thanks
  14. C

    General Question about repeaters

    Hi, I belong to a volunteer fire department and we have a private channel that we use that is connected to a repeater system, which we are able to talk on county wide with no problems. We are dispatched by our local 911 center, and then once a unit responds were placed onto an operations...
  15. M

    Question regarding MDC

    Hello On my new XTS 2500 I've been going through the CPS for a while now but can't seem to figure this one out. This radio is used for public safety and is operating on all conventional analog channels. Basically id like to have the numerical MDC of other units (EX 4345) displayed on my radio...
  16. K

    Los Angeles, CA - Communications system faces more challenges

    L.A. police and fire communications system faces more challenges - Burbank Leader
  17. O

    Fire Station Audio System

    Ok, so I trying to design a cost-effective solution to have a speaker system through-out our firehouse. The speaker system will have 2 sets of speakers, 6 Alerting Speakers, and 6 Speakers for the Scanner. The 6 Alerting Speakers will Have 1 Volume control in-wall knob. While, the 6 scanner...
  18. B

    396XT specific group scanning across multi-systems?

    Hello all. I just received a 396XT. I am entirely new to the Uniden interface and programming (as well as to this forum). I purchased the Bu-Tel software and that made easy work of downloading many systems into the scanner. I live in the Phoenix AZ area and the various police and fire...
  19. w2lie

    Durham TRS CC Question

    Sorry for a simple question, but a buddy of mine has been living in NC for a while now and has been listening to the Durham Trunk System on his 996T and 796D that I programmed for him while he was in NY. As of the past week, he is no longer able to receive the Durham system on his 996T which I...
  20. M

    How to Disable System on BC346XT?

    Another Newby Question... I have downloaded FreeScan and sset up my Scanner with 3 or 4 conventional systems and 3 Trunked systems. I'm looking for a quick way of disabling the Trunking systems like I can the Conventional systems... I can see where to set the SQK for the Conventional systems...