1. V

    BC796D: Alpha tags loaded, but not showing during scan.

    To start with the specs. ARC250 Basic demo linked to my RR account to program my BC796D. It has been updated to the reband, if that matters. Mainly scanning Phase 25 Type I in Southeast Kansas. All the banks and programming went pretty smooth. Bank tags appear properly and when I go into the...
  2. S

    Receive Alpha Tags/Identifiers with SDR#

    Is it possible to Receive Alpha Tags/Identifiers with the SDR# software ? I use this software to transmit my feed, any help would be appreciated ! Thanks
  3. I

    How to display Alpha Tags w/ Winamp or VLC

    I am trying to get Alpha Tags to show when I am streaming with Winamp or VLC player. When I stream using Java Web Player, I get a window showing a Winamp skin and the Alpha Tags are displayed. But using Winamp client, I don't see any. Any help would be great. I don't mind using a different app...
  4. AK4FD

    RadioShack PRO-164 text-tags?

    Hello all, I currently am using a RadioShack PRO-164 scanner to broadcast my live feed for my area. I have done endless searching on the net and can't find any answers to my question, so I'm hoping one or some of u may know... Is there ANY way to broadcast talkgroup tags with a PRO-164...
  5. S

    TAG Deprecated ????

    The database seems to have a newer tag being used recently, it is " Deprecated" what is this tag telling me? As an example the Macomb County frequency of 460.15000 465.15000 (KQA783 123.0 PL MacombShrf 3 Sheriff [F-3] [Has moved to the MPSCS TRS]) shows Deprecated Thanks Dennis