talk group

  1. radioguy224

    need help identifying these channels

    so this morning i have hear chatter on these channels but i cant find anything on the data base on who they belong to but the channels i am getting full 5 bars of signal strength 153.46250 153.6350 153.16250 with tg 1000 color code 9 sounds like they where talking about work tickets getting...
  2. V

    BCD325P2: Rockland county talk group

    New to phase 2 and p25 system I currently have a BCD325P2 scanner and am trying to get into Rockland talk groups for police and I’m just unsure on how to do it can anyone help I have the TGID.
  3. L

    The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian Gardens) Frequencies and Talkgroup

    Hi I program The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian Gardens) Frequencies and Talkgroup into my scanner and it dose not sound like The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian Gardens) or is it. The last update was on September 8, 2018, 8:58 pm (Added Talkgroup 111 111(Casino Operations)) The Gardens Casino (Hawaiian...
  4. Charlie1068

    Yellow Ambulance DMR information Louisville

    Does anyone know the color code slot and talk groups for the Yellow Ambulance services DMR frequency in Louisville I saw the info for the Inidana ops in the data base but does anyone have the info for the Louisville channel and the Jtown channel
  5. R

    Advice needed with listening to DMR

    Hello! I am fairly new to the world of radios. I have used an analog radio for a little while, and I feel comfortable with it. Recently, I decided to get into digital radio, so I purchased a Baofeng DM-5R. I have realized that listening to digital radio is much trickier than analog radio;). I...
  6. T

    DSR and DSD Plus - Just want to listen to one target

    I can't seem to find anything regarding a setting in DSD+ to only listen to one target (talk group). Is there such a thing or is this a different plugin that has to be used?
  7. O

    7 digit Talk Group ID

    I am using a BCD325P2 on Ohio Marcs-IP. I recently have had 3 different talk group ids come up in search mode; i7190163 SRC, i7190158 SRC & i7190159 DST I've never had this happen. They are emergency agency frequencies/talk group. Only had this model for 1 month. Just curious. Thanks
  8. J

    TDMA w/ DCDM and Talk Groups on Simplex

    Hello all, I apologize for the title; I hate acronyms but what can you do. I am a volunteer fire fighter, and I am investigating different possibilities with our radios. Bare with me because I am not going to get this across properly, but I am interested in knowing if the following is possible...
  9. W

    Home Patrol 1 Help

    I purchased a home patrol 1 scanner that I'm really excited about getting. I choose this one because it looked pretty simple to use. I live in Wayne County, MI and I'm hoping to listen to Westland PD and FD, along with some surrounding cities. I've done so researched and saw that Livonia and...
  10. W

    West Hartford TG?

    Does anyone who monitors West Hartford know what school uses the 10704 talk group? All the other town schools use a 10xxx TG and are identified in the database, but this seems like a new one. Amazing what you can find by turning "ID search" on....
  11. I

    Seminole P25 Updates!!

    Below is a list of Talk group hits on a WinRadio G305e between noon on Thursday and up to now Friday night, does anyone know what these unknown talk groups are used for? 0000 – 0000 – Unknown 0008 – 0008 – Unknown 0018 – 0012 – Unknown 1671 – 0687 – Unknown 4109 – 100D - Unknown 5462 – 1556 –...
  12. K

    pro 651 and Win500

    OK, Just paid 30 bucks to get my RR database access updated. Now I can't figure out how in the world to assign a talk group to a tsys using win500. Dont answer cut and paste...that's not the right answer.... I download from the RR database selecting some sites and then some talk groups...
  13. C

    APS ID 4816

    I've programmed in the frequencies and IDs on the APS SmartZone Trunking system found here. But, I turned on ID search and I keep seeing ID 4816, which seems to be very active and very clear. Does anyone have any idea what this talk group is for?
  14. gonzalu

    NYC Transit Authority

    Am I doing something wrong? Anyway, I had my BCD996XT set to SCAN the Talkgroups in the NYC Transit Authority system I programmed straight from RR db. I decided to switch it over to SEARCH and see what I picked up. I am picking up a lot of TG IDs not in the db. Did I do something wrong and am...
  15. CSX_TampaBay

    DEC Talk Groups?

    So I got all my freqs. programmed along with my control channels... I am picking up the police,sheriff, fire and public works... I've read the manual and can't seem to get it...How to program the DEC's so I can listen to a particular agency....I have a RS Pro 164..... Also I'd like to thank the...
  16. NFR85

    Programing Talk Group IDS for Uniden Bearcat BCD996t

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not, but I have the Manual to enter in the TGIDS but every time I enter it in it says BAD TGID. I have the manual and i'm struggling and I need some help. I don’t have the wire to it I lost it so doing it by computer is no longer an option unless I pay...
  17. S

    Columbus trunking Question

    Hello frist post here, I have a radioshack pro-162.. have programed in all the trunk freq for columbus police and fire I think. Am getting most of the traffic fine but am not getting the zone 2 I think it is which is were I live off brice road and I70. started to reread the manual again (...