talkgroup id

  1. L

    TRX-2: Talkgroups ID's and Radio ID's on Whistler TRX 2

    Hi I program a talkgroup ID, should I add the DMR Radio ID's for that talkgroup ID or just add the talkgroup. thanks
  2. A

    Issues with two trunk channels broadcasting

    I have a Uniden bcd536hp scanner and have it programmed to transmit the local police and ems but there are two channels that are not being picked up by the scanner, one is 5 miles away, the other maybe 10 to 12 miles away. I reprogrammed the scanner thinking I had too many frequencies for the...
  3. Y

    Automated voice alerts for calgary

    Has anyone heard the automated voice dispatching for calgary Alberta fire lately? If so what talkgroup would it be on?
  4. MasterScan40

    Wildcard Talkgroup ID Question

    Seeking info on the Talkgroup ID # for my Wildcard in Pro2096 and/or Pro197. Wildcard needs to be on private call (PV), but doesn't say that and I can't figure out how to change it on ARC500 or WIN500 programs. Did the Firmware update to what I thought was 2.0, turned out to be 1.7... when I...
  5. S

    Union City/Hayward/Fremont Fire

    Ive been trying to find out how to listen to union city, Fremont and Newark fire departments, but I haven't had much luck finding out if they use alameda county fire talk groups and if so which ones or if the have the own and if so where can I them cuz I don't see them on radio reference.
  6. B

    Create Favorite TG List on BCD396xt

    Hello to all. I recently purchased the 396xt and am loving it. For my local public safety trunking system here in Salt Lake City, I have programmed the county Fire/EMS and the local city PD's into their own quick groups. There are times however that I would like to have both an EMS response...
  7. radioscan

    MARCS TGID 48400 - Dayton Area

    For years I have been hearing traffic on MARCS TGID 48400 which is listed for NCI-1 Noble Correction Institution. This talkgroup is consistently heard off of the Dayton tower site Zone 712D Site 033. NCI is clear on the opposite side of the state. I have monitored this enough to note that...
  8. NFR85

    New Hanover County City Finder?

    I looked on RR fourm didnt see one if there was Im sorry i missed it. I've been searching for the following and not coming up with anything. If you could tell me what city i would be listening to that would be great. I'm listening to the feed from Proscan Client. is the ID. Thanks...
  9. D

    Talkgroup Number Unknown

    Does anyone have an idea as to what talkgoup 07280 is? It comes up on the scanner with mostly digital transmission. I cant tell if it is a control channel that isn't getting locked out or if it is some other digital information. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance Dave W6CM
  10. C

    Dublin PD Talkgroup IDs

    After looking thru all the talk group listing for in Alameda County I did NOT see the Dublin PD group IDs. Are they listed or does Dublin PD work off the S/O or Pleasanton PD's talkgroups......anyone know?? Thanks, Craig
  11. P

    Idylltek LT8R trunking controller

    Has anyone been successful setting up an ltr system using Idylltek's LT8R controller? If, so did you come across talkgroups interfering with one another, and how did you correct this?
  12. F

    PRO-2096 bank setup question? How to locate nearest tower?

    I recently purchased a PRO-2096. I am looking to put Detroit PD in one bank, Detroit Fire in another bank and Detroit EMS in a third. Do I have to put the Primary and Secondary frequency in each bank along with their talkgroups id? Or do the primary and secondary frequencies go in just one bank...