tecsun pl-660

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    Help Tecsun PL-660

    Hello I have a PL660, which works perfectly, I think it's an excellent radio . I recently purchased a Tecsun AN100 but after trying to hear something with the antenna, the radio does not receive any more AM stations (with or without antenna). Just a noise, like interference. Other bands were...
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    Newbie Torn Between Two Radios - Degen 1103 or Tecsun Pl-660

    Hello everyone, I'm new here and I want to keep this short but I really need your help especially anyone who is experienced in these radios. Recently I decided to take my SWLing hobby up a notch so I bought a rather cheap shortwave radio. I don't have that much money and experience to invest on...
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    Help with Tecsun PL-660. How do you get local weather cannel?

    Howdy. Im new to the forum, but need help. I recently purchased a Tecsun PL-660, which is a whole lot of radio. I would like to find 162.475, the local weather station, but can seem to find the frequency. Will somebody please help me out. Thank you much Kevin