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  1. * SOLD: Sangean HDT-1X * HD-AM HD-FM Tuner

    * SOLD: Sangean HDT-1X * HD-AM HD-FM Tuner

    SOLD ** Last Call ** Sangean HDT-1X provides Analog and HD radio reception on the USA AM & FM bands. I’m selling it, complete with faux woodgrain cover, AM loop, FM wire, power cord, but-no remote. Had very little luck decoding any HD on the AM band, but was able to decode either RDS text on...
  2. AK4FD

    RadioShack PRO-164 text-tags?

    Hello all, I currently am using a RadioShack PRO-164 scanner to broadcast my live feed for my area. I have done endless searching on the net and can't find any answers to my question, so I'm hoping one or some of u may know... Is there ANY way to broadcast talkgroup tags with a PRO-164...