1. P

    CPD - Ticket vs Event Number

    Hi. Please can someone explain to me what the different between a Ticket and an Event Number is? I’ve looked at the Scanner Guide on https://crimeisdown.com but I’m still unclear. I get that when they pull an RD they are doing a case report but it seems that tickets have multiple event...
  2. N2SCV

    My License

    I passed my tests Field Day of '92 but my ticket says it was granted 05/08/2012; the last date I renewed it. Is this SOP? I've been on the fringe of the hobby (listening) for the last 21 years but am now able to get back into it fully. Thanks.
  3. S

    How can my friend use a Mobile Trunking Scanner to avoid a speeding ticket while trav

    I have a friend that is planning a roadtrip across the US: -Los Angeles to Las Vegas -Las Vegas to Sedona, AZ -Sedona, AZ to Albuquerque, NM -Albuquerque, NM to Dallas, TX -Dallas, TX to New Orleans, LA -New Orleans, LA to Orlando, FL -Orlando, FL to Miami, FL He has bought the Uniden BCD996T...
  4. J

    Receive Page-Outs

    Is there any way to program a motorola advisor gold (or any other alpha-numeric pager) to monitor any (1) of the following Fire Departments: Benbrook, White Settlement, or Fort Worth? I would like to receive something like the dispatch ticket where it would tell me the address, incident type...