1. N

    BCD536HP: BCD536HP Date and Time reset.

    OK, I know the Clock Reset issue is an old one and Uniden has ended the repair campaign and the other threads are closed. My current issue seems to be a little different. I have searched and scoured the web and learned there used to be a small hearing aid type battery on the "BT401" spot on the...
  2. WX9RLT

    SDS200: On the audio replay mode: Is there a way that I could see the time that the audio was recorded?

    Good morning everybody, I have a quick question. On the audio replay mode: Is there a way that I could see the time that the audio was recorded? Currently I can see the "current time" (as of the time right now) when I replay the audio. But it does not show the time when the audio was...
  3. NYR1122

    Uniden SDS200 Memory Loss

    Hello All, Needless to say I was very excited about getting this new scanner, however it didn't take long to find major problems with it. I first noticed after setting the time/date that after powering it off/on it would reset to Jan. 1 0:00 every time. Then I found that when pressing the...
  4. E

    Time signal with Pro-97 for Solar Eclipse

    I'll be recording certain things for the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21st. I'll be near Salem, Oregon. I would like to have an audible time signal that will be heard on video recordings of the eclipse, and I'm wondering if I can do that with my old Radio Shack Pro-97? Can anyone help...
  5. R0am3r

    BCD536HP Losing Time & Date

    If my new BCD536HP scanner has been unused for a few days, I am forced to enter the time and date at boot time. Since I typically operate my radios on weekends, the 536 sits unused for several days in a row. Is this a known bug or is it a user issue?
  6. I

    BCD436HP: Setting Time on each power on

    the scanner is constantly requesting to set the time even though i already set the time last time. i thought there was a thread on this fixing it in the past but cannot find it. could it be the scanner? i had to return my first BCD436HP because of a line of dead pixels and now this... hope its a...
  7. n9mxq

    3.810MHz NIST????

    Hearing a time standard station on 3.810MHz. Can hear it in LSB, but it's too weak for reception here in AM. Been steady for hours, as a time standard should be. Announcers voice is male, and speaking what sounds like Spanish or Portuguese... Anyone else hear this?