1. D

    Kenwood TK-2312 Key Programing

    Hi- I used to have the TK-2170 and I was able to program the buttons on the radio to go to a direct channel. I now have the TK-2312 but when i go to key I can not figure out how to program the buttons to go to a direct channel. IE. when i hit the B button I want it to go to a set channel that...
  2. L

    TK 2170 Firmware

    What is the latest Firmware version for the Kenwood Tk 2170 K2? Mine is 3A72 and I'm trying to determine if there is a more recent Firmware version. Larry
  3. Raptor05121

    TK-2170 into a pager

    Does anyone have the details to get the 2170 to act as a pager? I have the input, output, PL decode and proper tones set, but I'm still picking up traffic not set to my station. Is there a squelch function that should be enabled?