1. NicksTechTips

    TK-250 Programming and free radios!

    Hello, I have a few Kenwood TK-250's, I would like to get the current programed information from the radios. Most of the batteries are not good. I do not have a programing cable and I am not interested in keeping the radios. I can send you two radios with one somewhat working battery + 2 bay...
  2. T

    TK-250 Programming with Windows 7

    Hello all! I got a TK-250 and one TK-250(G) a while ago, but haven't done anything with them until recently. Anyway, I got the programming cable, a USB version- not USB-Serial adapter. I've tried using DosBox to run KPG23D and it works just fine except for the fact that the software won't...
  3. P

    TK-250 squelch adjustment - tuning mode

    I have a couple of TK-250 handhelds that seem to show the 'busy' icon consistently - I'd like to adjust the baseline squelch just a little to make them less sensitive. In the KPG-23D software, there is a "test mode" which gives you an F10 "tuning mode" option. You can then adjust a slider that...
  4. P

    DOS programming woes

    I'm trying to program a handful of Kenwood TK-250 radios using the ancient KPG-23D software. This has always been accomplished using an very elderly laptop computer - the software runs in a DOS window under Windows '98 and the Kenwood programming cable attaches to the serial port. For some...