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    TK-290 stopped scanning

    Just recently my TK-290 has given up the ability to scan. I even tried reassigning a new key & it still would not come up. Is this a common issue with this radio?
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    tk-290 problems

    I have a tk-290 that I am trying to progarm. I have some frequencies that work correctly and some that just have a beep that happens randomly when I select the frequency. When I put the radio on scan all get is this random beeping. I know it is not the battery. Any help would be appreciated...
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    problem programming kenwood tk-290

    I have bought a kenwood tk-290 and the programming software. The software loads and I put in the frequencies. when I turn the radio on all I get is this frequent and random high pitch beeping noise. It did pick up something but when this beeping thing started it would not pick up anything...