1. coolbikr4684

    Tk-690/Tk-790/Tk-890 dual band dual head schematic

    Does any have a schematic for an KRK-8DBH or a clear picture of the circuit board in the back. I have a KRK-7DB but trying to see what is needed since I have SMDs and other small parts. I would like to buy an actual KRK-8DBH but this is for a radio set I have in my personal vehicle for my...
  2. T

    TK790 Powering UP.

    After a lot of research I found the correct fix when this rig does not power on because of Ignition Sensing. Locate R504 and R506. Short R504 and unshort 506.. Badabing, Badabun.. 73
  3. S

    Tk790+tk890 dual band, 2 head system

    How can i use each head to control respective tk cabinet? Other than modify radio#2....
  4. L

    PiRLP Pinout for TK-790

    I'm trying to set up my PiRLP with a Kenwood TK-790 VHF transceiver. These transceivers have a DB-25 connector that has everything you would ever need to connect devises like the PiRLP (headsets, horn relays, etc.). Here is what I've got so far: PiRLP Pin Kenwood TK-790 1 - No...
  5. L

    TK 790 Squelch Tuning

    We have several TK 790s. Some are 45W and some are 110W; some are the CA Fire Service model and a few are the generic Kenwood model. On one of the 110W generic Kenwood models (160 channel) I15 cannot get the squelch adjusted. The radio opens up with squelch noise even when there is no signal...
  6. 7

    TK-790H Power shut down upon mic keyup

    My local FD I volunteer for pulled our TK-790H Radio with remote head and speaker out of an engine we are selling. We went and installed the complete unit in our new truck we bought. Radio was working fine before the move. Now when we key up the mic to transmit, the whole radio shuts down...
  7. L

    Programming & Firmware for TK-790

    I have inherited the management of 6 Kenwood TK-790 mobile radios. I thought they were all the CDF build, but after running into problems trying to update the program in one of them, I looked more closely and am quite certain now that they are not, at least not all of them. How do I tell if...
  8. B

    kenwood tk790 question

    I need to know if the Kenwood tk790 with serial number 20400169 is narrowband compatible. Thanks!