tone decode

  1. AK4FD

    Federal Signal Informer Tone Alert Receiver

    Hello all, Does anyone know if it's possible to load customized alert tones into the Informer tone receiver? I can't see anything in the directory on the computer that allows it, unless there's a way to hack it by opening the unit. Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is for the speaker to...
  2. AK4FD

    Dade County/Aventura

    Hello all... Does anybody know the fire station tones frequencies for Aventura Station-8? The A-Tone and B-Tone in Hz? I am trying to use my scanner as a fire tone-out alert mode and want to see how it works. I don't live in the area but I work in the area so I'm trying to save a lot of time...
  3. K

    BCD996XT Tone-Out Standby

    Does anyone know if it is possible to setup the BCD996XT to recognize tones in "Tone-Out Standby" and then open the squelch to hear the transmission and then return to scanning "Tone-Out Standby"?
  4. SlipNutz15

    RadioShack PRO-197 tone decode time

    I was wondering if anyone had a RadioShack PRO-197 and had the PL tone decode mode set. If so how fast does it take the scanner to decode the tone and open up to monitor? I know the BC895XLT took about 1-2 seconds to decode the PL then open up. I was wondering if this was close to immediate...