1. daugherh

    XPR5550 vs NX5x00

    Hey experts, I currently am running XPR portables and mobiles for ham and commercial use on analog and DMR. We have a couple nxdn systems coming into play that are using the NX5x00 mobiles. Being able to monitor and use those systems would be nice and why I'm thinking about selling my XPRs...
  2. Vertex Standard VXD-720 UHF 450-512

    Vertex Standard VXD-720 UHF 450-512

    Like new, slightly used VXD-720. Radio will come with belt clip, dust port cover, antenna (Motorola branded) OEM USB Programming cable (hard to come by) Battery is included, but please be aware, due to having others in this series, the charger is not included. Unit is in brand new condition, has...
  3. T

    Mountain Communications

    Try to get more information. Looking for the individual that posted information (here) about the Mountain Communications - DMR Motorola Connect Plus (TRBO) system in use in Vail and elsewhere in Colorado. It appears (trying to confirm) that parts of the DMR/TRBO system are encrypted and parts...
  4. radioboy75

    155.010 dmr

    Does anyone know of any agency using DMR (MotoTRBO) on 155.010? I can't copy it well enough to decode, but when the band is up, I pull that in here in extreme NW Iowa (Rock Rapids). I don't think it's from another state, but I can't be sure. I know it's DMR because my RTLSDR and DSD+ are able...
  5. A

    Louisville International TRBO System

    Looking at FCC licences and found this. Looks like a trunked MotoTRBO system but need help finding out the LCNs and sites. Thanks,
  6. A

    Programming BCD325P2 with DMR/MotoTRBO

    I need some free programming software that is capable of programming DMR/MotoTRBO for a BCD325P2. What is everyone using if they program that?
  7. daugherh

    Direct Mode

    Hi all. Does anyone know if, for example, the EVX-530 or any other VS radio supports DCDM (dual capacity direct mode) that can be found in the MotoTRBO Gen 2 radios like the XPR 3500 or 7550? I saw here where it talks about direct mode. Is this similar, the same, or completely different than the...
  8. daugherh

    Remove Connect Plus Trunking

    Hi all, I've searched the Motorola forum and reviewed this thread here but wanted to post this as a double check. I've been offered a Motorola XPR 6550 that has the sticker in the back that says Connect Plus Trunking. I'm assuming that this means the radio has the capability of CPT, however I...
  9. zacabo

    Motorola XPR 7350

    I recently won two Motorola XPR 7350's in an eBay auction. Upon recieving the radios I found them to both be locked and the seller is of no help. Is there anything I can do? Can someone send me a codeplug for a UHF radio so I can try to clone it? The model is AAH56RDC9KA1AN its version 2.50.05...
  10. daugherh

    Itinerant Licensing Question

    Hi all, I am in the process of filing an application for Part 90 Itinerant Frequencies for our local CERT Team. I'm using itinerants because we move from site to site depending on our mission(s). However, I have a few questions before I spend the money only to have the application rejected due...
  11. Myles Fulfilment Center San Marcos has a pretty busy operation going during the holiday season. Their fulfillment center in San Marcos has lots of activity on their DMR freqs. WQXM221 Each repeater has it's own color code and seems to use only one TG per time slot. Heard very well at the outlets as they are about a...
  12. Muffin

    Pro-668: Upgraded software to come?

    As anyone with one of these scanners is aware, there are several systems that the PRO-668 just isn't capable of monitoring (where other scanners are). ie: GE's Pro-Voice, Motorola's TRBO, ICOM's NXDN to name a few... Has anybody heard if there will be any kind of software/firmware upgrades...
  13. S

    TelePath Corp System 268 Channel Mapping for Site 18

    I have been trying to map out the TelePath TRBO DMR Bandplans (TelePath Corporation Trunking System, Fremont, California - Scanner Frequencies). The one I've focused on most is Site 18 which seems to have very high activity. Using DSD+ I've found it's currently set up using channels 1, 2, 4, 6...
  14. N

    Tytera TYT/Tytera MD380 DMR HT

    There is a new rig available for Mototrbo/DMR aficionados, the TYT/Tytera MD380 HT. It's a good looking and good performing little radio available for UHF and VHF. The MD380 has a color display, 1000 channels, a regular female SMA antenna connector and good audio. If you're interested picking...
  15. H

    New City of Guelph Cap+ System

    This thread is for information on the new City of Guelph Capacity+ System for Transit & Works. The frequencies currently in the Wellington County Database page for Guelph Transit & Works should no longer be listed where they are, since they are associated with the new Trunked system.
  16. daugherh

    XiR vs. XPR MotoTRBO?

    Hi all, Just a quick question as I can't really find a definitive answer. What is the major difference(s) between Moto's XiR and XPR series (as well as any others I'm not aware of) of TRBO radios? Thanks in advance.
  17. M

    XPR6550 Rollback Firmware Upgrade?

    I currently have firmware version R01.11.02 installed on our XPR 6550 portables. Is it possible to rollback the firmware version so we can re-enable 25Khz Channel Bandwidth? Any recommendations on which version to install? Is there a specific version of Motorola CPS to install the firmware? Thanks.
  18. motopro2


    I am wondering if anyone out there has been successful in crossbanding a couple of talk groups from Smartnet to Mototrbo Connectplus or visa versa? Your info/any information would be very very helpful!! I am currently using 2 XPR4580 radios one in Smartnet mode and one in Connectplus mode...
  19. K

    York County, VA fire tone out codes

    Does anyone know the fire tone out codes for york county's digital system so I can enter it into my BCD996XT. Also trying to confirm if you can scan the police in Charles city county since their system is Motorola TRBO. Thanks for the help!
  20. C

    Job Opportunity - TRBO/RF Technician

    An L.A. based Motorola dealer is seeking to hire a full time radio tech who is proficient with the TRBO platform. The role will require the ability to plan, design, implement radio systems. IP/network knowledge and ability to use RF tools (analyzer, etc) is a requirement. Compensation package...