1. N1GAW

    AF1 Arrival Ellsworth AFB July 3

    According to media reports, AF1 is scheduled to land at Ellsworth AFB on July 3rd at 6:45pm MDT for a 4th of July celebration at Mt Rushmore.
  2. N1GAW

    VP & POTUS to visit WI This Week

    VP Pence On Tuesday plans to hold the first “Faith in America” event in the Milwaukee suburb of Pewaukee. Trump also has a scheduled visit on Thursday...
  3. N1GAW

    AF1 Headed to Yuma then Phoenix AZ Tuesday June 23rd

    AF1 scheduled to land in Yuma Arizona at the Marine Corps Air Station at 10:55am (MST), 1:55pm EDT on Tuesday June 23rd. No TFR issued yet.
  4. N1GAW

    AF1 Arrival in Tulsa Saturday

    News media has reported that AF1 will be landing at the Tulsa International Airport Saturday, June 20th, at 5:50pm CDT ahead of his planned campaign rally.
  5. N1GAW

    AF1 Landing Love Field bout 2:30 June 11th

    Scheduled to land at 2:30 CDT for several events including a fund raiser at private residence, will be out of there about 7pm cdt
  6. RadioDitch

    POTUS/FLOTUS to Bedminster Thursday

    Just a routine heads-up for the all the usual Milair, Federal, and NJICS listeners/analysts in the region. Looks like POTUS and FLOTUS will be headed to Bedminster on Thursday via the usual. AF1 Andrews-Morristown, then helo to the course.
  7. N

    AF1 passing above Raleigh

    I hope this doesn't go against any rules. AF1 and SAM808 are heading back to ADW from the launch in Florida today. I believe 124.025 is the frequency for the sector they'll pass through above Raleigh.
  8. N1GAW

    AF1 scheduled to land in Phoenix Tuesday

    According to news media reports, AF1 is back in the skies on Tuesday, May 5th, as it travels to Sky Harbor Int'l in Phoenix. Plans call for AF1 to arrive just after 11:30am (MST) and head back to DC just after 2pm (MST). While in Phoenix he'll be visiting the Honeywell mask production...
  9. N1GAW

    POTUS Christmas Holiday In FLA

    Lots of chances to catch new CAP freqs and maybe even some USSS in the clear. Hope anyone listening will post your finds. On Friday, December 21, the President is scheduled to travel to Palm Beach, FL, for his Christmas holiday. He is scheduled to return to Washington, D.C. on Sunday, January...
  10. CQ

    Merry Christmas Wishes Didn't see a Tavern category so making an announcement on news.