trunk mount

  1. CanoeCanuck

    Mobile install, Trunk open: good SWR, trunk closed: bad SWR

    Hello! First time poster here. thought I'd seek advice for this issue I am troubleshooting. I am in the process of tuning a CB antenna to my car and I'm looking for any advice. Vehicle: 2015 Honda Civic Mounting Location: Center Trunk (Drilled 1/2'' hole) Mount: Firestik K-154A Cowl Coax: RG-8X...
  2. D

    2 meter trunk mount recommendation?

    Looking for recommendations Honda Civic LX 4 door (2014) I'm using Kenwood TH-F6 triband (handheld) 95% on 2 meter 4% on 70CM 1% on 1.25 meter Hand held now but will install a mobile unit in the next 12 months. I'm looking for antenna recommendations and trunk mount bracket recommendations...
  3. 5

    Mobile antenna mount

    Hi all, I'm from India and I'm looking for suitable trunk mount for my Yaesu ATAS120 A antenna, I'd shortlisted Diamond K400C and MFJ-345S trunk mount which come with cable and connector. problem is they are available only in US and if i buy them from us seller my shipping cost goes above 90$...
  4. jcop225

    GE Delta Specs.

    I am looking for information on the GE Delta line of radios, most importantly the current draw. The model I have is the low-band vhf 110 Watt version with the trunk mount and control head. Anyone who has info or manuals on these types of radio I would appreciate I you could pass them along...