trunked digital

  1. B

    Increasing scanner range

    new to scanning. Might not understand some advanced terminology. Does anyone have some recommendations for antennas or methods to increase the range of my scanner. I use a BCD325p2 and would like to pickup trunked frequencies. I also use a diamond RH77CA. I can get a good range outside, but...
  2. Salvatorejrc

    Montville Twnship

    How can you tell if frequencies are trunked on the RR database?
  3. M

    Trunked System Question

    Hello, I'm trying to monitor the fire department in Sudbury, Ontario. I have a HomePatrol 1 and I'm using the database from Radio Reference (Greater Sudbury Trunking System, Sudbury, Ontario - Scanner Frequencies). The only thing that I have scanning is the Fire Service, but I seem to...
  4. W

    DSD+ and bias t

    Is there anyway to enable bias t currently with the use of DSD+ fmp24? I saw some posts but they were a bit older and want to know if its an option now?
  5. T

    Midland County (Dumb Question)

    So I programmed Midland County into my Uniden BCD396T. For some reason I am not hearing traffic (I know there is traffic). Any tips? This system is not trunked is it? Can someone give me a basic compare and contrast of the following terms. P25 Digital Trunked Digital