1. BCD996P2 Trunktracker V with DMR Option

    BCD996P2 Trunktracker V with DMR Option

    SOLD. Selling used and in very good condition BCD996P2 that is surplus to my needs. Includes DMR update. In normal good operating condition. Includes box, manual, mounting bracket, wall wort supply, some rubbery knob the previous owner used for better grip on the volume (have to say I agree!)...
  2. N

    Volume Knob?

    Hello, I recently got a Uniden TrunkTracker III scanner and the volume is just a golden half stick, it makes it difficult to turn the volume up and down gently, when I try it will often go too high or too low and it is getting annoying, not sure if the previous owner maybe broke/removed the...
  3. B


    With the Uniden BCD396XT Trunk Tracker IV, the wiki.radioreference says that EDACS ESK is supported, but then the PDF manual says that the scanner can TrunkTrack EDACS ESK but no Provoice decoding. I understand that Provoice is not really compatible for APCO-25 systems and that the firmware...
  4. M

    Trunktracker IV Programming

    Hello all question for you. Girlfriend lives in Burlington WI and just got a Uniden Trunktracker IV portable scanner. She is looking to monitor Oak Creek PD, Burlington PD/FD, and Racine / Milwaukee County. I have tried to program the TGID's and Hex of the systems but the scanner isnt...
  5. stantorres

    Base vs handheld digital, technical difference

    Wondering if there is any technical difference between the handheld and the base versions of the Uniden digital trunktracker scanners. Is the base radio just the same exact guts as the handheld, just mounted in a bigger box? Or is there additional processing, filtering, better components in the...
  6. V

    BR330T vs BC246T

    I am wanting to buy a scanner with at least TrunkTracker III abilities. I was leaning towards the BC246T until I ran across the BR330T. The BR330T appears to have all of the functions of the BC246T with a much larger range of frequencies. I do not attend racing events, so any racing functions...