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    TRX-1: TRX-1 no audio

    My TRX-1 speaker suddenly stopped working yesterday. I have never used the headphone port, so I tried plugging in headphones and I have no audio there either. I formatted the sd-card and reloaded it to no avail. When I keep the scanner on, I can see it capturing and locking onto traffic, just...
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    Whistler-ws-1040 p25 phase 1

    2 weeks old with newest updates $200 obo or trade with cash for a Trx-1
  3. Whistler TRX-1.  Great condition. *price reduced*

    Whistler TRX-1. Great condition. *price reduced*

    Parting with the TRX1. Works like new. Still has protective film on keyboard. Original box and packaging. 10.00 shipping The blistering you see on the front is the protective cover.
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    TRX1 Software for remote control and PC recording

    I have a BCT15x, for it I use Proscan, with Proscan I can remote control the scanner and record to the PC Is there any software with this functionality for the TRX1? I am well aware that I can use the Whistler remote control demo, and use radiofeed to stream, and record to the scanner's SD...
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    Squelch on DMR

    Is the squelch gate on DMR adjustable or can it be disabled ? When receiving a DMR transmission the squelch interrupts the transmission and cuts it short. It mentions squelch gate in the manual but has no details. When this happens the S icon appears on the display... Appreciate any help.