uniden 396t

  1. O

    396T manual programming help

    Hello everyone, I'm new to scanning and the forum, so I appreciate your patience and help. I purchased a number of months ago a 396T. The gentleman who originally programmed it, has unfortunately passed away and am trying to figure everything out on my own. He programmed the unit perfectly in...
  2. KG5KS

    Can one software program both RS / UNIDEN ?

    I'm using a trial version of software that came with RS usb adapter for RS 2096 digital scanner. I would like to have ONE SOFTWARE PACKAGE that will program the digital trunking scanners such as RS PRO-197, PRO-2096, UNIDEN 396, Uniden 996T , GRE 600 etc.. Is there a full featured programming...
  3. spock00

    What is the best Digital Scanner for LA?

    I'm interested in buying a digital scanner and was wondering what would people recommend and why? I had a Uniden BCD 396T a few years ago and it had poor reception or digital decode of the LAPD. It may have been due to the antenna used and/or older firmware... I had that scanner 4 years ago and...
  4. R

    Uniden 396T

    Curious if anyone knows if Seattle Police have re-banded?? Was fine last night. Now it will not find control channel for Seattle. Other agencies for trunked are find.